How To Create Your First Web Page?

Create Your First Web Page

Creating a web page for your website is really not a big deal. You just have to concern about the language by which you are going to create your web page.
Before going further let's understand what is a web page?

A web page is a page which is written in any hypertext language which is connected to the worldwide and easily accessible.

Now let's understand what is a web site?

A website is a bundle of many web pages that are interconnected to each other. For example, if you have created ten web pages, and if you connect all those web pages with each other is called a website.

How to create a web page?

Now there are multiple ways to create a web page. But I am going to tell you here the simplest way to create it.
So, the simplest way to create a web page is to create it by HTML and CSS. These two are not programming languages but mostly used to create websites whether it is a dynamic website or a static website.

How to create a web page using HTML?

HTML is known as hypertext markup language. It is the basic and most important language to create a web page. We can say that without HTML we cannot create any web page, so it's very important to learn this language.

Now, to learn HTML language either you go to any institute where web developing is being taught or if you want to learn it from the internet, then yes you can also learn it through the internet.

To learn HTML language from the internet you have to go to the official website of W3school. Where you can easily learn it.

But if you are still reading this post then here I'll show you how an HTML language looks like and how you can create your own web page.

You just need a text editor.
And you have to start with a code like this:

this is the starting opening code, now you have to close it writing </html>.
Now between these two codes, you have to mention two things which are: <head> </head>
and <title> </title>.

These all are called tags.
Now make sure you have written the title tag inside the head tag.
Now, inside the title tag you have to write the title of your website. After finishing it, after the head tag you have to write the body tag : <body> </body>
Now between these two body tags whatever you write, will be showing in youe=r website.

Now inside the body tag, write this:

<form action="#" name="StudentRegistration" onSubmit="return(validate());">

<table cellpadding="2" width="20%" bgcolor="99FFFF" align="center"

<td colspan=2>
<center><font size=4><b>Student Registration Form</b></font></center>

<td><input type=text name=textnames id="textname" size="30"></td>

<td>Father Name</td>
<td><input type="text" name="fathername" id="fathername"
<td>Postal Address</td>
<td><input type="text" name="paddress" id="paddress" size="30"></td>

<td>Personal Address</td>
<td><input type="text" name="personaladdress"
id="personaladdress" size="30"></td>

<td><input type="radio" name="sex" value="male" size="10">Male
<input type="radio" name="sex" value="Female" size="10">Female</td>

<td><select name="City">
<option value="-1" selected>select..</option>
<option value="New Delhi">NEW DELHI</option>
<option value="Mumbai">MUMBAI</option>
<option value="Goa">GOA</option>
<option value="Patna">PATNA</option>

<td><select name="Course">
<option value="-1" selected>select..</option>
<option value="B.Tech">B.TECH</option>
<option value="MCA">MCA</option>
<option value="MBA">MBA</option>
<option value="BCA">BCA</option>

<td><select name="District">
<option value="-1" selected>select..</option>
<option value="Nalanda">NALANDA</option>
<option value="UP">UP</option>
<option value="Goa">GOA</option>
<option value="Patna">PATNA</option>


<td><select Name="State">
<option value="-1" selected>select..</option>
<option value="New Delhi">NEW DELHI</option>
<option value="Mumbai">MUMBAI</option>
<option value="Goa">GOA</option>
<option value="Bihar">BIHAR</option>
<td><input type="text" name="pincode" id="pincode" size="30"></td>

<td><input type="text" name="emailid" id="emailid" size="30"></td>

<td><input type="text" name="dob" id="dob" size="30"></td>

<td><input type="text" name="mobileno" id="mobileno" size="30"></td>
<td><input type="reset"></td>
<td colspan="2"><input type="submit" value="Submit Form" /></td>

This is a basic form which you can create just by using html.

Infinity Free Web Hosting For Free With CPanel- Wordpress Installation

Infinity Free Web Hosting For Free, With CPanel

Infinity Free Web Hosting For Free With CPanel

Are you looking for a free web hosting platform?
Then you are in right place, today we are going to talk about a totally free web hosting website which gives you free web hosting with c panel, where you can add 3 websites with unlimited bandwidth.

Why We Need A Web Hosting?

Basically, web hosting hosts our website for good performance. We need web hosting when we are creating professional and powerful websites. Some people use this web hosting on their blog also because having personal hosting is far better than the hosting provided by Blogger, or Wordpress.

Because when you are creating a blog on any blogger platform no matter with a custom domain or their free subdomain, they provide us their free web hosting service which means that we are no more the real owner of our website until we have our own self web hosting. They can do anything with our website until we do not have our own self-hosting.

We need self web hosting for some more reasons like, we can customize our website as we want because the hosting provided by Blogger and Wordpress are free web hostings that do not allow us to customize our website fully.

Web hosting is needed by our website because it allows us to customize the directories of our webpages. Even without web hosting, we cannot install Wordpress sites. And you know Wordpress is known as the best website for creating a powerful and professional website.

Why Infinity Free Web Hosting?

I have seen many free web hosting websites which provide web hosting with the c panel but as I experienced, they all have many problems. Infinity free is the website where I have not found any problem yet, and still, I am using it in free.

You can install Wordpress here, even you will get unlimited bandwidth. You also can upload different kinds of scripts here for wishing websites. It is the best web hosting platform for those who are new in this field and experiencing these things for the first time. Because infinity free is very easy to use.

The most important part is about why should we choose The Infinity Free Web Hosting is it is a free platform. You can search on Google the prices of hosting. Good hosting is always very expensive there are many websites who provide web hosting with different kind of their rates. So, that is why if you are a beginner then you have to go with a free tool first. So, this tool is the best option for you.

How To Sign Up For Infinity Free Web Hosting?

To sign up on Infinity Free web hosting you just need an email account, a username, and a strong password. To sign up to the Infinity free web hosting just follow the following steps-

  1. Search on Google "Infinity Free".
  2. Click on the first link, which is "".
  3. Click on sign up now, one new window will be open.
  4. Now write your email, password, and confirm your password.
  5. Now, you have to open your Gmail account to confirm your email.
  6. Now click on "verify email address".
  7. Once your email address will be verified you will be redirected to this page-
Infinity Free Web Hosting For Free With CPanel

8) On the left side corner, you can see written "New Account" Click on that.
9) One new window will be open, here you have to type your domain name. Now before adding your domain name here, you have to change the nameservers of your domain. To change the nameservers of your domain go to the management setting section of your domain, click on nameservers, after that click on add a custom nameserver. Now on the custom nameserver, you have to type "" in one box and "" in the second box.
Now, wait for the one hour, after one hour just refreshes the page and type your domain name in your hosting platform.
10) If you don't want to add a custom domain then you can also continue with the subdomain provided by infinity free in free.
11) After that, to activate your panel, you have to click on the control panel, one new window will be open where you have to click on "I Approve", cool! You will be redirected to your panel now.
12) After opening the panel, now you can customize your site according to your needs.

How To Install Wordpress On Infinity Free Web Hosting?

Its a very easy process to install Wordpress on Infinity Free Web Hosting. Once you have created the account on this platform after that you have to follow the following steps to install the Wordpress in your hosting. Even here I will tell you how you can set your domain also here.

  1. Open your control panel from the client area.
  2. Scroll down the cpanel page, on the software section you will find written "Softaculous App Installer" click on that. From here you can install different kind of software into your web hosting.
  3. After that a new window will be open, here you have to choose which software you want to install, if WordPress, then click on the install button on the Wordpress software.
  4. Now, again one new window will be open here if you want to edit something then you can edit, choose your WordPress theme and click on install.
  5. Greate! Now the Wordpress will be start installing in your web hosting. Wait untill it installed.
  6. Once it is installed, you can view your website, and customise it as you want.

My Opinion

My opinion for this tool is, yes! If you are new and you don't have any experience yet then you must use this tool before going to any paid one. Because of this, you will learn many things.

If you have any problem regarding this topic then comment below, I will answer you. And if you want to contact me then go to contact us page you'll get all my details there. Thanks for reading.


Online Earning- Fake Or Real? - Before Getting Started, Must Know The Truth Behind Online Earning

What Is Online Earning?

Online Earning- Fake Or Real?

Are you looking for a way to earn online money?
But you might be confused that there are thousands of ways to earn online money. But, are they a good way to earn? or are those ways are long term ways to earn online money?

Yes, it is true that there are thousands of ways to earn money online. But, it is not so easy as much the YouTubers (Fake Youtubers), Bloggers (Fake Bloggers) and any other fake person use to say on the internet. I am saying here FAKE to only those persons who are spreading fake information just to earn money or to gain traffic. They just don't care about the peoples who are watching their videos or who are reading their posts on the internet.

Online Earning- Fake Or Real?

Making money online is real as well as it is fake also. Yes, folks, now you would be wondering that is it possible?
How making money online is fake as well as it's true?

If I would say in simple words, making money online is true for those peoples who have a lot of patience and those are hardworking. It real for those peoples who enjoys doing their work no matter which field they have chosen. Whether it is Blogging, Youtube, Trading other anything else. Yes, there is a lot of money on the internet, you can earn even thousands of dollars in a month but you have to be hardworking and you have to keep doing your work. With the hardwork, you also have to be so creative, because in this field money depends on how much creative you are. The more you'll be creative, the more you'll earn money.

And of course, making money online is fake, and useless for those people who don't have any desire here. They only come here with earning motive. It is fake for those people who don't have patience and any confidence in their work.

I saw many peoples asking me that bro you are doing blogging how much you are earning?
After listening to my answer, they become so greedy and they also start joining all the online work which I use to do. They never asked me how much time I have given to learn all these things. They never asked me what I have experienced, how I have reached here. I already told you that they all are just greedy of money, they think that they can make instant money from the internet. Bro, if it would be easy then nobody in this world would be poor right?

Yes, What I have experienced, By that experience I could say that it takes time to earn online from the internet. If you have the desire, you have a talent which you want to explore to the world then come here, you are most welcome. How much people will like your thought that much you'll be rewarded by ads or any other methods.

Ways To Earn Money Online

In my view, there are mostly two ways to earn money online. The first is the Short term method and another is Long term method.

Short Term Method: The short term method of earning money online is earning a few amounts of money in a short period. Peoples are using this method when they don't want to make any carrier in online earning on the internet. We can call this as a part-time method of earning online money, which includes the cashback offers by some apps, referring offers, using short link websites, installing apps, doing surveys, etc.

This method will give you some amount of money instantly but they are not for permanent. They are just for those people who don't have time to work on the internet, and for those peoples who want instant money and already have some other jobs. This method doesn't have any carrier. You can search on Google about these methods there is nobody who becomes popular or rich using this method of online earning.

Long Term Method: The long term method of online earning is the method by which someone can make his carrier on the internet. By using this method someone can earn a good amount of money when he/she will be successful. It's like doing a job sitting at home, you have to so serious, you have to give your time you have to be so conscious about it.

The long term method of earning takes a little time and efforts to make money. But, once you'll get the right track, or your work will be going good, people will start visiting you, and your works will start running smoothly. At that time you can make a huge amount of money for a long time. I am saying this with my personal experience. You can also search on the internet, there are a lot of successful peoples who made their carrier using this Long Term Method of earning online.

There are several ways to earn in the long term, but what I personally recommend to choose is Blogging, Youtube, And Trading. These three are my best ways to do work with. Because I personally like doing these things. And I have seen many successful peoples in this field which motivates me a lot doing these.

Advantages Of Online Earning

There are a lot of advantages of earning money online, a few of the advantages which I personally experienced are as follows-
  1. You don't need any job, you can start your own online business here.
  2. You will be your own boss, there will be nobody to tell you to do work, or to give you order.
  3. You can earn more money than the peoples who are doing a job.
  4. You can spend quality time with your family.
  5. You don't have to go anywhere for work, you can do it just by sitting at home.
  6. Doing this you can make a carrier for your young ones or for your child. Because you can explore how much you can, it can be your family business.
  7. You will become popular, people will know you by your work, by your creativity.
  8. You can generate a huge fan base throughout the world.
  9. You will be always updated.
  10. You always get a chance to talk with the new people which make you more happy, and creative.

That's all, I will never get tired of saying its advantages.

Disadvantages Of Online Earning

I don't think there is any disadvantage of Online Earning, but there are some problems in this field-
  1. If you would make anyone mistake in front of your viewers, or readers you will lose them, and at once you can lose many of your fans even you have to do a lot of hard work again to recover it.
  2. Many times because of some failures you can be so frustrated, and its result in rudeness in your nature.
  3. Basically, online work is done by laptop or computer so it can affect your eyes.

My Opinion

My opinion is so simple if you have any kind of talent which you want to show to the world, then you start the long term method which I have explained above. But, not as a full time, at first, you start it as a part-time, give more time to learn, improve yourself, always try to experience the things, whichever you like. I am sure if you could do this thing then, of course, one day you'll be successful in this file. And that time you can do it as a full time, as your comfort.

How to Watch ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 for Free—Even if You Don’t Have HBO

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 for Free

How to Watch ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 for Free

Hello everyone, in this post today I am going to tell you about, how can you watch the full episodes of "Game Of Thrones" for free. Yes! I am talking about the premiere of the final season of "Game Of Thrones" 2019. This is one of the mega-hit web series of HBO, which is going to be finished this year. Means this is the last part of "Game Of Thrones" web series.

Basically, in this part, people will come to know that, who ends up on the iron thrones?
Is Bran Stark is secretly the Night King, the tragedy of Jon and Daenerys and many more things.

So, the viewers were eagerly waiting for its last part and finally, it was released on the 14th of April 2019. And its officially telecast on HBO premier and Hotstar Premier.

But the question is, what if you don't have HBO?
And all those viewers who don't have HBO and wants to watch this, even they are very excited to watch it. But, many of the people cannot afford the subscription of this channel or premier membership.

So, don't worry I have brought some tricks by which you can watch the full episode in free of cost. Yes, you don't have to pay any single amount of money for that. So, let's go ahead and follow these tricks the same as I have explained below.

Sign Up For A Free HBO Trial Now

The first trick is to use the free trial. Like every other cable networks, HBO also provides the free 7 days trial for their users. You just simply sign up for the free trial and enjoy 7 days watching many episodes of GOT, cool right?

But, here you have to be quite tricky, after 7 days of free trial they will start charging $14.99 for one month from your bank account automatically. Because while sign up they will ask you your bank's details, even they will ask you permission to deduct $14.99 from your bank account and you have to give all details along with the permission otherwise you won't be able to enjoy the free trial.

Wait! Before you'll be angry by reading this and start abusing me that, you made us fool you said that it's free, but now you are saying we have to pay!

Hold on, the trick is here, after giving the bank details they won't deduct any money from your bank account you can enjoy 7 days. And just before 7 days, you have to cancel your subscription, simple! But what after 7 days? Apply the second trick...

Sign Up For A Free HULU Trial

Now, you have to do the same which I have explained above. You just have to do sign up for Hulu free trial and Hulu will give you the 7 days free trial. In this 7 days again you can watch your favorite episodes. Hulu has a streaming deal with HBO means you can enjoy watching HBO shows here for free.

Here also you have to do the same to save your money. You have to give your bank details along with the permission and just before 7 days, you have to cancel your subscription plan. Otherwise, they also charge the same amount which is $14.99.

Now, what's next? For the next seven days keep scrolling down.

Sign Up For Free Hulu Trial

Sign Up For A Free Amazon Trial

Amazon prime video is a very wide ranged video streamer where you can watch a lot of web series. It covers a very wide area of the world. Here you can enjoy a lot of international web series.

Like Hulu Amazon also has a partnership with HBO, and allows you to watch all the HBO web series. And yes like above I have explained this also provides you 7 days free trial but before finishing your trial period do don forgot to cancel your subscription plan. Otherwise here also the same amount will be deducted from your bank account which is $14.99. You can join the free Amazon trial by clicking below link.

Sign Up For A Free Play Station Vue Trial

The Play Station Vue is one of the most expensive ways to use or to watch HBO web series. Basically, it's a full-blown subscription to watch the shows on your mobile, tv, computer or laptop. This subscription includes lots of channels than any other cable subscription. And why not so, its subscription charges are also so expensive if you want this you have to pay $44.99 for a month, this might be increased in future.

But, the good part is this also gives its user a free trial period which is only for 5 days. So, you can enjoy 5 days free trial here. But, here also don't forget to cancel your subscription plan before your free trial has been expired. Click on the below link to join the free trial by Play Station Vue.

So, That's all hope you like this article if you have any feedback regarding this post then please comment below. You also can contact me through social media. Click on the contact us page to contact me. Thanks for reading.

Top 700+ Low Competition Keywords With High CPC Updated 2019

Low Competition Keywords

Hello everyone once again, today in this post I am going to tell you about the top 700+ low competition and high CPC keywords to boost your earning. Every blogger or a content writer is always looking for this thing where they will get some good keywords to boost their earnings.

If you want to boost our earning then we obviously need a keyword which gives us a good CPC rate, so that whenever we'll get click on our ads, we can get a good amount of money isn't?

Top 700+ Low Competition Keywords And Long Tail Keywords With High CPC Updated 2019

But, the problem is if somehow, or by using some keyword research tools if we would be able to get such keywords, then those keywords have very high competitions, means yes! we got the keyword with high CPC, but that keyword has too many competitions means on the internet there are already lots of articles has been written. So, no matter how many peoples are searching every month or what is the search volume of that keyword, it will be very hard to rank your article on that particular keyword.

Why We Need Low Competition Keywords

To rank our articles in Google and to get good organic traffic from Google we need low competition keywords. Low competition keywords are those keywords which have huge search volume but very low competitions.

In simple words, the low competitions keywords are those keywords which have been searched by many peoples but on the internet, there are very few articles or posts are available. So, it will be easy for us to rank our article or our blog post on Google. Because until we won't bring the organic traffic our article won't rank on the first page of Google. That is why we need a low competition keyword.

Why We Need High CPC Keywords

Ok, so the questions arise here that we do we need a High CPC keyword and what is a high CPC keyword basically right?

High CPC basically pays us high rates, If you are one of the publishers of Google Adsense then you obviously know what is CPC, and how does it work. Basically, CPC means Click Per Cost means how much Google will pay you for one ad click. Sometimes it depends on country if someone is clicking from USA, UAE, UK then you will be paid high CPC, but when you are getting the clicks from the country's like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Shrilanka your CPC rates are quite low.

We need high CPC keywords to give a boost to our income. When someone will click on your high CPC ads you will be paid more by Google Adsense. Sometimes Google Adsense is paying more than $500 just for one click. So its a very big matter if you will be getting only 100 clicks. That's why we should use high CPC keywords in our blog post.

What Is Long Tail Keywords

Ok, so the next is Longtail keywords. To rank our articles on the first page of Google we need a Low competition keyword with high CPC, and we have to make that particular keyword as a long tail keyword. The long tail keyword is easily rank on Google search engine because its a part of attraction by the readers.

Now, how to make the long tail keywords?
Suppose your targeted keyword is "Online Money" so you can make it a long keyword by adding some more keywords or by adding just some attractive words like " How to earn online money best trick of 2019 must read". I know it was not soo good, but it was just an example you can add better than this.

Top Keyword Research Tools

The best way to find keywords is keyword research tools. Yes, we should use keyword research tools to get more idea about that particular keyword. Because writing only blog articles is not enough, we should do many types of research about that particular keyword before writing the post if you want to make money from blogging. If you doner wants to make money that it's ok, you do not need to do this all.

If you are looking for some free keyword research tools, then these articles may help you to find some best keyword research tools, because all of these tools are free.

Full List Of Top 700+ Low Competition Keywords With High CPC

You can search your keywords on those keyword research tools which I have explained on the above link. But apart from that here, I am giving you Top 700+ Low Competition Keywords And Long Tail Keywords With High CPC.

Now the main part for which you are reading this post, how you will get the full list of 700+ high CPC and low competition keywords.

Don't worry, I will give you the full list in free, I have collected all these keywords and made one pdf file, you just have to download that pdf in free.

But, to download this pdf file you have to go through shorten link, yes man! I have collected these keywords very hardly, so I also deserve some reward isn't?

So, be patience simply go through this shorten link, let the ad fully loaded and you will get the pdf file to download. Enjoy

Best 20 Free Ahrefs Alternative Of 2019 -Free SEO Tools And Free SEO Powersuite 2019

Best Free SEO Tools Of 2019

Best 20 Free Ahrefs Alternative Of 2019

Hellow bloggers, I am saying here bloggers because whoever reading this article they might be a blogger, or a website builder right?
Ok, are you looking for a tool like Ahrefs? Which will give you quite the same experience and facilities which is given by Ahref tool? Obviously yes! Why not! Because whoever is a new blogger they don't want to invest more money in such tools, and they should not do this also if they are new in this field. At first, you should go with the free tools, after that if you started earning money than you can go for the paid tools.

So, in this post, I will tell you 20 alternative of Ahref tool by which you can rank your articles very easily in Google and other search engines. It is very important nowadays to use this kind of tools, which help you to know who is your competitor how you can rank your article on the first page on google. Because everyone is in competition now.

So, these are the best 20 Ahref tool alternatives which you can use totally free.

 Google Keyword Planner, Analytics, And Search Console

As you know that Google always provides many tools in free for its users, these are some tools and their specifications, which you can do in free.

You can Find and do researches about keywords with the help of Keyword Planner.
You can Identify trends with, the help of Google Trends.
You can fix the technical and also on‐page issues with the help of the free tool of Google called Google Search Console.

You also can Analyze many things like, how many people from the world are visiting in your website, what are their identity, and from where they are come from, with the help of Google Analytics.
Answer the Public is the tool which fetches Google's autocompleted queries in the bulk amount and its uses to divide them into various kinds of lists. And this is very useful for the publisher to uncovering and to identify the questions of people who are asking on Google. By using this tool you can see what people want or why people are seeking, by using this tool you can answer them via your post link and easily get the traffic.

 The Beam Us Up Tool

 The Beam Us tool is a tool which is totally free SEO crawling tool. This is one of the great alternatives of Ahref tool. But, the sad part is this is only available for one operating system which is Windows operating system.

Suppose you are a Mac operating or any other operating user, then you should not forget that Screaming Frog means this tool can crawl at the maximum number of 500 web pages for absolutely free (but with the limited functionality).

Yoast SEO

Are you running a WordPress site? hmm...So, Yoast is Will be the best SEO plugin you will ever need.

You can Use this tool to improve and to optimize the meta tags of your site as well as you can generate the sitemap of your website very easily and quickly with the help of this tool.


Keyworddit uses to extracts the keywords from Reddit. You just have to enter any subreddit (e.g., /r/big SEO) and it will start showing you the list of a hundred of keywords as well as monthly search volumes.

It is very far useful to understand the topics of the subjects that your audience is most interested in or what they want to see. is a tool who finds all the email addresses related to any website in just a few seconds.

(But it is limited, which is you can use it up to 100 requests per month)

Each of the email address has another confidence score. Even some email address has a “verified” icon, which means, Now you can use this email address with the total confidence means you are fully approved now.

One more interesting feature of this tool is by using this tool you can find the email address of a specific person. You just have to enter the domain name and the person’s name in this tool respectively.
You can install its Chrome extension also for quick access.

Seo Web Page Analyzer

The SEO Web Page Analyzer is free of cost tool or you can say it an Analyzer which gives you comprehensive analysis and many more things on your website page.

It can bring out any kind of images related to your post with the many missing alt tags, the heading of your site, the structure, even the internal and external links, even the meta title and even description, and many more things. You will also get here a facility of an on‐page SEO score checker between the number zero to a hundred.


LinkMiner is a tool and a Chrome extension which allows you to check any web page for their broken links very easily. It’s very useful to find broken links and building opportunities.

You also can export a totally full list of many of the scraped links in a CSV file on it with just one single click, which also includes the codes of status and its information, the type of links, and many more things.

Suppose you have found a huge number of broken and bad links on a page with the help of LinkMiner, you just follow this: You just export them to the tool, or, paste all the list into Ahrefs’ In the batch Analysis tool, after that sort them as the referring domain columns which are high to low.

Responsive Design Checker

The Responsive Design Checker is a tool which is very simple and very useful too, what actually it used to do is, it's checking the responsiveness of any other websites or pages, and it says that the website is responsive or not. You do not have to do more things, you just have to enter any URL of any site there to see how it looks like on any desktop, or in tablet, or in mobile devices.

You can also use this tool to see your website design in particular devices. Like, suppose you want to see how your site will look like in your phone, so you can check it out.


SERProbot is a tool which is a totally free tool which is used to check the rankings in Google of any website. This google ranking checking tool is allowing their user to check the rankings for a maximum of five keywords at a time.

The good part of this tool is, you don't need to register here. You just have to enter your domain or any URL of your site and list of keywords, and boom! It will show you.

You also can also check the rankings by selecting a different kind of regions like,, or

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere is a chrome extension which allows you to set an extension in your browser which automatically shows you the search volume, CPC, and much more about a particular keyword whenever you search in google for any keyword or anything.

It helps you through keyword planner tool, basically, it takes the data from keyword planner which is so far accurate and it automatically shows you everything when you are searching for any keyword in google.

Similar Web

The similar web is a free web tool which shows you the average monthly as well as daily traffic of any website. This tool is free to use and you can also keep it as an extension in your chrome browser. To set it as an extension you just have to search it in the chrome web store and set it into your browser as an extension.

Now, whenever you'll go to any website you can easily see their monthly plus daily traffic. This tool also allows you to see that from where this traffics are coming from?

You can check the percentage of real organic traffic, social media traffic, referring traffics and, many more things by using this tool.


GTMetrix is a free tool which allows you to check the loading speed of your website. By using this tool you can boost the loading speed of your website.

Apart from the loading speed this tool also suggests that what are the thing you need to do to boost up the speed of your site. Because if the loading speed of your site is poor then it is a very big disadvantage for your site, in result the viewers do not like to visit your site again, it causes the high bounce rate.

To solve this kind of problems you must take help of this tool. is a very useful and amazing keyword tool for every blogger I must say. This is a free tool which brings the keywords for you which are so nearly related to a particular keyword. Not understood? ok, here is one example:

Suppose, you searched a keyword "online earning" now this tool will bring all the related keywords, means all the keywords which are related to online earning. If still, you have not understood then you can see below screenshot.

Best 20 Free Ahrefs Alternative Of 2019 -Free SEO Tools And Free SEO Powersuite 2019

Where Goes?

Where Goes is a very simple and free tool which help us to redirect our pages.

It is a very unique tool which troubleshoots the problem of the links and solves it immediately.
You just have to paste the URL to check that it is working correctly or not.

SEO Hero

SEO Hero is a very useful and free tool which gives you keyword accuracy with the related topics, which help you to choose a better keyword and topic for your post.

Basically, it works by choosing 100 targeted keywords which already ranked on Google. By that targeted keywords it chooses the top topics and gives you in result the topic which you are searching for.

This tool is very useful because it helps you to choose which topic and which keyword is more suitable for your content that you are writing in your blogger post or on your website.

Robot.txt Generator

Robots.txt is a file as well as a tool which is very and very important for your website because without this file your content will never rank on Google.

Why? Because of robot.txt allows the google bot to crawl the content of your website. it also allows the Google bot that which URL should be crawl and which URL should not.

By using this tool you can easily generate the robot.txt file of your website in just a few seconds.

And the more advanced bloggers or users can use this tool for the extra functions like to generate the robot.txt file manually.


HeadmasterSEO is the free tool which allows the users to check the code status of the URLs in a bulk. Means you can check a full list of URL here.

The most praisable feature of this tool is you can check a list of two URLs to 6 million URL's here.


Browseo is soo interesting tool that allows their users to see how their webpage or website looks like without any CSS or any kind of styling.

If I would say in simple words, this tool usually shows you how Google bots see your website, means how your website looks like in front of Google bots. When Google bots are reviewing your website at that time what they actually watching in your website, by using this tool you can easily get that, and if there is any problem then you can easily solve it at that time.

This tool also shows you how many pages and what are the posts are there in your website, and how they look like without any style.


Chrome DevTools is a tool which is given by chrome browser, basically, this tool helps you a lot by showing the debugging speed of your webpage.

If we say about SEO then this tool has endless uses.

Thank you for reading.

Stock Trading Success Stories- Harshubh Shah, How He Become Millionaire With Capital Of Rs 5000 Only

Stock Trading Success Stories

Stock Trading Success Stories- Harshubh Shah

How to become a good trader?
How to earn money online?
What is the stock market?

Tiered of investing money everywhere and does not get good returns?
Many problems right? Well in this post I will be sharing with you the story of a man, who was the same as us, and he is. But, the stock market just changed his life, and his economic, financial condition. How?
It's not a magic guys, he has done a lot of hard work. Yes, it is true that he has started his investment with just rupees 5000, and now he is one of the very successful traders, he has one youtube channel also, where he used to teach and train to the newcomers. He uses to do seminars also where he use to talk about new intraday and options strategies, as well as long term strategies. And just because he is a good trader as well as a good person he has a huge fan base.

So, let's go ahead, and let's know about him, I must tell you one thing that this all information I have taken from his interview.

Hello readers, I am Taliv Ansari and today in this post we are going to discuss a stock trading story which belongs to Harshubh Mahesh Shah. In this post basically we will talk about his best strategies, how he become so successful, how has he started his carrier what is his qualification and lots of things about him. So, we can say his story is very motivational for the peoples who are suffering from unemployment and also for those who are looking for earning online. Because I think there are many peoples in the world who has talent, but they are not getting such a platform to show their talent. And because of that, they are always suffering from many kinds of economic problems.

So, let's go ahead step by step and let's try to understand what Harshubh sir has done, and how he is making money from the stock market.

What is the stock market?

If I say in so simple words, then the stock market is a place where we can buy or sell the stock/share of the companies. There are two parties called buyers and sellers, who use to buy and sell the share of the companies, they are also called as traders. Anyone can buy or sell the shares of the companies, If you or anyone wants to do trading in the stock market they have to join with a broker, where he/she have to make their demat account with their respective stockbrokers, and only through stockbrokers they can do trading.

The stock market is controlled by SEBI ( Stock exchange board of India) where all the companies and their all the data has been submitted. SEBI has two bodies called BSE and NSE, where all the stocks are being sold or purchased.

Who is Harshubh Mahesh Shah?

Harshubh Shah is a full-time nifty trader and technical strategies. He has started his carrier on stock market 10 years ago, and from that time he never looked back. He has already earned more than 80 times return from his initial capital which was only 5000, and this is definitely worth applauding. So sadly he is an engineering dropout student, which makes his Trading success story even more interesting. And because he has knowledge of engineering he has made his own business called Impulse Technical, where he has to put his own strategies in one software.

How he started his journey?

When he was dropped out from engineering college when he was very upset so one day his father took him to an Astrologer, that Astrologer advised him to make a carrier on the stock market, and he came back home and he searched for the stock market on the internet, after that he never look back. As he said in his interview that, its being 10 years of doing stock market and just 4 years ago he went to that astrologer and he thanked him by his true heart.

What problems he faced

Like any other beginners in the stock market, he also made a loss when he was started doing stock market trading. As he said in his interview that, he started his trading from 5000 rupees, which he lost in trading. After that again he started with 2000 rupees and started again investing in the stock, but one more time he lost that money. And as you know on 2006 7000 rupees was a big amount. So, he was very frustrated, he locked himself in his room for one year just for studying about the stock market, and when he came back, he starts recovering all his money slowly.

Advised given by him to the new traders

Always do your homework before the market begins, means you have to be ready always with your all strategies that in which stock you have to trade. As he says that we always have to do our works aftermarket, not during the market. Because if you have invested in some stock and you keep watching that it might lose your confidence, so never look on market up and downs.

So, only this much about Sir Harshubh, If you want to know about him or his market strategies then go to his youtube channel or just google his name.

So, if you also want to start trading on the share market, then comment below, I will surely bring a complete guide on the stock market, because I also use to do trading and I like to share knowledge with others.
So, this much only for today, comment below your suggestions, your feedback. Thanks for reading. Goodbye take care.