An Essay On Superstition in India and Its Causes

Hello everyone today we are going to talk about Superstition, nowadays it is a problem which is far from being resolved. Faith breaks down, superstition is firmly standing. Hollow but firmly rooted, no one wants to accept it while understanding.

Superstition in India Essay

 Today's time the evils have adjusted within themselves. Human beings can not believe in the relationship, but in spite of this, there are many such superstitions whose prey today is a third person, whether it is literate or illiterate. everybody knows that we should not believe in this kind of things, but then also many people use to believe in this kind of things. 

What is Superstition?

Think of anything without thought, without going beyond the extreme limits of superstitions and believe it is superstition, then it is devotion to God or a person's. Many times they are lost in the devotion of God so that no one can do anything with them in God's name. It is not faith in the existence of God but superstition in the name of God.

Some examples of superstitions

Now, let see some examples of superstitions which is followed by many Indian peoples for a long time. There are many types of superstitions which have some beliefs which do not harm and some such beliefs are harmed. None of this can be counted. There are some points that you may have heard like:

3 and 13 numbers are inauspicious:

Many people consider this number as inauspicious and do no good work on these dates. Even many people do not eat three roti. In many countries, thirteen numbers are considered inauspicious, do not stay on the number of numbers nor take the flat of that number.

Stop at sneezing:

Many people think of sneezing as a bad omen. If anybody sneezes when coming out of the house, then they sit down. It is said that whatever you are going to do due to sneezing will get spoiled and the person starts to feel sneezing because of this fear.

Glass breakage:

According to the people, the breakdown of glass comes bad news. Unknowingly, the glass is broken and people are scared for it, they start worshiping God.
Hearing the voice of a crow, guests will come in the house.
If the scent in the palm comes, then you will get money.
If it's itching in your foot, then it is said that there is the sum of going out.
There are many such superstitions that people are suffering but this superstition does not spoil anything more than anyone, but when the trouble is due, then some superstitions go beyond their limits.

Why people superstition

There are many reasons behind this, in which there is ancestor recognition and the most important cause behind the superstition is fear. The foundation of superstition is coming from our ancestors, whatever they've said, people keep following that. And don't know why they are just afraid of rectifying this. Just because of this superstition increases still people afraid of wearing black color on their houses. Girls do not wear black or white for the wedding day. By name of culture, many years of superstitions are performed for generations and generations.

Fear is a disease which is not treated by anyone but still, the treatment is found and this is caused by superstitions. As the sneeze comes out of the house, the person finds a place to sit. If the cat gets cut off, then one sees the way to get out. Just like many countless beliefs in which trapped people scare themselves In fact, the fear of the person is hidden behind them. Fear of spreading in the exam, fear of getting sick, fear of getting a job, fear of accidents, scare of fear, etc. Many such fears, due to which the person feels weak, perform various types of work to remove it. And the same task makes him somewhere superstitious.

Firstly, people adopt different types of tricks such as lemon pepper. Lemon is not used to eat as much as is used in shops and trains. After this, showing the horoscope is trapped in many ways.

Increasing Superstitions in India

India is the most superstitious country in the world because here God is considered more, many of whom take advantage of wrong. Faith in God is necessary. To give direction to life, it is necessary to have faith in the mind, but the idea of right wrong is also necessary. Humankind should have the highest humanity to observe the wrong about it.

Today, every single street is found in the street, a saffron chowl is thrown in the city and many of its followers become followers. Those people are shining in the world of politics, film, television, for the disguise of a monk. And people are abandoning their doorstep in their homes and those who do not give up their own love for politics and fame can teach you how to live. Even after reading, a man has forgotten the wrong assessment. Man is not able to interfere in any knowledgeable Mahatma and a covetous person and with increasing time its slave becomes growing.
Many films are also being made on superstitions. Today many cases are also in front of everyone, which shows how many abominable crimes are being committed against the saffron party, but this still does not stop.

How we can stop superstitions

Trust yourself:
The only solution is to trust yourself. Hard work and determination, the people who walk on their path also get a floor. No tricks are available for this. Hard work is the last trick that can reach you to your destination.

Remove the fear:
Fear is the reason that superstition is born, a man should first find the right reason for his fear and find a better way of that reason. Fear comes only when humans feel lacking in themselves with some other thing. If man completes that shortage, then the fear will end and self-confidence flourishes. There is no chance of superstition at such a place.

Become Worthy:
If a man is active then there is no place of superstition. Many times we do not get what we want and we adopt different ways to get it, while perhaps the ability to get that thing is not in our hands and we do not accept the same thing at the right time. And nowhere are the victims of the tricks, the tantra mantras, and many unscientific methods. Humans should always believe in their karma and with the success and failure of that path Should Ikna.

Obviously, accept the truth:
Many times we get success many times the failure comes. We get frustrated when we need to test ourselves at that point whether we are really worth the way we are or not. If so, we should go ahead by learning from the mistakes and if you get the answer whether we are not worthy then should accept it openly and find a new way and find the path according to your ability.

These are all the above-mentioned remedies that save man from being superstitious about anything. And with the same measure increases self-confidence in.

A story behind the superstitions

One poor person was very upset that he used to wage a lot of money day by day, he was very tired, but his hard work was not stopped from his life, for this he went to a Mahatma, he talked with Mahatma, Mahatma should show me a path so that my burden is low Could Mahatma got pity on him and gave him a donkey saying you can do his job. The poor laborer is very happy that he thought that now his burden will be taken by the donkey so that he will get relief and he will be able to get more work. The worker took the ass together but on the way, the ass died. The laborer was very sad, he made the funeral of that donkey on the same place, with the complete method of performing the last rites. The worker was feeling uneasy about his fate after blindfolding his grave. In such a situation, a person passed from there to think that it is a divine place only then this man is sitting here in meditation mode. He came to the place and offered some money and went away and many others did the same. At the same time, the money got accrued. The laborer went to the Mahatma with the money and sat down with all the details in detail. Then the Mahatma smiled. He kept his hands on the head of his laborer and said that why are you sad that they can live the donkey, whatever you can not give, they are dead. When the superstition has taken such a wide variety of human beings, what is your fault in it? You just use this money in the right work and identify the people who came in your shelter with this superstition. Advise them to trust yourself. Even on this path you make your own system and give correct knowledge to the people. Just do not be in vain pomp and wonders.

This story teaches that human beings should not see anything, and nothing should be taken into account, rather they should understand the realities. Along with that, this story teaches those sadhus too many people believe that they have no obligation to take the wrong advantage of this belief and show the right path to man.

Superstition is a curse today, which is weakening the roots of the country and making people feel fortunate instead of making them work. Need to understand this and explain the surrounding people.
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