CBSE Question Paper Of Class II, III & IV Gk- Sample Question Paper Just For Practice 2019

CBSE Question Paper Of Class II, III & IV Gk

CBSE Question Paper Of Class II, III & IV Gk

Hello everyone, as you know I am a teacher of upper primary level in an English school. So, I have collected some old question papers from my school from each and every classes, I must tell you that my school is following the CBSE syllabus. In this post, I have given the questions of half yearly term, for the classes II,II, and IV of Gk subject. If your kids are reading in these classes then you can give them these questions for the practice, it will improve their confidence as well as their knowledge.
Let's go ahead and try to solve these questions...

Class II Gk

A. Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false. ( 1x10=10)

1) Saturn is the hottest planet in our solar system. 
2) Venus has rings. 
3) Mars is called the red planet. 
4) Hawa Mahal is in Jaipur. 
5) Victoria Memorial is in Delhi. 
6) Citizen of Japan is called sheikh. 
7) Citizen of England is called British. 
8) Burger and pizza are healthy foods. 
9) Polar bears are eating seal. 
10) A baby of goat is called lamb. 

B. Tick (√) the correct answer. ( 1x10=10)

1) A lobster lives in (water/land/sky) 
2) Tajmahal is in (Delhi/Mumbai/Agra) 
3) Pizza is a (fast food/healthy food/none of this) 
4) Lion is a (wild animal/ domestic animal/pet animal) 
5) Shah rukh khan is an (actor/director/singer) 
6) Akshay Kumar is an actor of (India/Pakistan/Nepal) 
7) Gateway of India is in (Mumbai/Delhi/Agra) 
8) Sanchi stupa is made by (Shah Jahan/Ashoka/Akbar) 
9) The hottest planet is (Sun/Mars/Mercury) 
10) Cyclone is a (storm/rain/thunder) 

C. Fill in the blanks. ( 1x10=10)

1) _____ is use to measure the rainfall. 
2) The rainy season is called _______.
3) Crab's teeth are in its ________. 
4) Lion, bear, giraffe are _______. 
5) Qutub minar is in _________. 
6) Victoria memorial is in ________. 
7) Char minar is made by __________. 
8) ________ doesn’t have any single bone on their body. 
9) All planets are revolving around the _____. 
10) There are ______ planets in our solar system.
D. Answer the following questions. ( 3x10=30)

1) Write any 2 lines about starfish. 
2) Which are the smallest and the biggest planet in our solar system? 
3) Who made Tajmahal? And where it is? 
4) Citizen of Thailand is called what? 
5) Which planet is called the red planet? 
6) Write any 5 cities name of India. 
7) What do foxes eat? 
8) Which new thing we are using in place of the desktop? 
9) What we call the loud rumbling noise from the sky during the storm? 
10) Write any 4 types of pollution. 

E. Draw and label the following (1x10=10)

Our solar system with 8 planets. 

F. Match the following. (1x10=10)

1) Starfish                       Calf 
2) Smallest star               Italian 
3) Blue planet                       Bengaluru 
4) Cricket, Hockey                       Looks like a star 
5) Pencil, eraser, sharpener               Sun 
6) Salman khan               Earth 
7) Vidhan Sabha               Sports 
8) Italy                       Stationary 
9) Baby of cow               Chick 
10) Baby of hen               Actor 

Class III Gk

A.   Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false. (1x10=10)

1. We should keep our vehicles in no parking.
2. An atlas is a book of map.
3. Black beans are bad for health.
4. Rose is the national flower of India.
5. Kimono is the traditional dress of Japan.
6. Marry com is from Nepal.
7. Brain is the controller of our body.
8. We take carbon-di-oxide.
9. Our heart pumps our blood.
10. Broccoli contains vitamin A.

B. Fill in the blanks. (1x10=10)

1. ______ is a flightless bird.
2. ______ is the currency of Pakistan.
3. ______ is the traditional dress of Saudi Arabia
4. _____ is the famous monuments of Russia.
5. ______ is type biggest country of the world.
6. _____ is the book contains telephone numbers.
7. ______ is called the blue planet.
8. ______ is the natural satellite of Earth.
9. Jupiter has _____ natural satellites.
10. _____is the coldest planet in the solar system.

C. Answer the following question. (Any 10) (2x10=20)

1. Write two line s about grasshopper.
2. Write any two facts about honey bee.
3. What is an Encyclopaedia?
4. What is an Atlas?
5. Write any two benefits of black beans.
6. Write any 4 Indian flowers name.
7. Write the traditional dress of Saudi Arabia and India.
8. Who is marry com?
9. What is the meaning of ‘No Smoking? Draw its sign.
10. Write any two flightless bird’s name.
11. Write any four famous monuments of the world.
12. What is the currency of Pakistan and Bangladesh?

D. Draw and label the following.( Any 2) (5x2=10)

1. Draw any 3 road sign boards and names with their meaning.
2. Draw the solar system including. 
3. Draw the respiratory system.

E. Match the following. (1x10=10)

1. Newspaper Flightless bird
2. Cinema hall Main part of eye
3. Jungle Book Biodegradable Waste
4. Delhi Safari Pound
5. IPL         Fuel
6. Gold and Diamond Movies
7. Petrol Hollywood animated movie
8. Retina Bollywood animated movie
9. United Kingdom Indian premier league
10. Penguin         Jewellery

Class IV Gk

A.   Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false. (1x10=10)

1) Hummingbird is a flightless bird. 
2) Parrots have the ability to imitate the human voice. 
3) A live branch symbolizes peace. 
4) Cactus grows fast. 
5) Piranha fishes are very kind. 
6) Black mamba has very strong venom. 
7) The filament is the thin coiled wire in a bulb. 
8) Google is a social networking site. 
9) Sunder ban is in West Bengal. 
10) Karachi is in Pakistan.

B. Fill in the blanks. (1x10=10)

1) ______ is an accidental invention. 
2) ______ birds are known as song bird. 
3) ______ is the worst enemy. 
4) ______ is expected from elders. 
5) ______ is reflection of one's personality. 
6) ______ plant grows the slowest. 
7) Gray Wolf is the member of _____ family. 
8) The grirrzly bear are found in _____. 
9) The full form of ISP is _______. 
10) _______ is the largest beach in India.

C  Match the following. (1x10=10)

 1) Buland darwaja            1) Mourya dynasty
2) Shreya ghosal    2) West Bengal 
3) AR Rehman    3) Kashmir 
4) Manish Paul    4) Mughal Emperor
5) Maithili            5) Founder of Maratha empire
6) Dal lake            6) Music Director 
7) Shanti niketan    7) Singer 
8) Akbar            8) Tv Anchor 
9) Shivaji                    9) Bihar 
10) Ashoka           10) Highest gateway of India

D. Answer the following question. (Any 10) (2x10=20)

1) Write any two accidental inventions. 
2) What do you know about penguins? 
3) What do you know about piranha fish? 
4) Write the use of x-ray and radar. 
5) Write any two search engine names. 
6) Which is the tallest statue of India? Where it is? 
7) What will happen if a man keeps polluting the environment? 
8) What will happen if the population continuously grow? 
9) What do you know about Chandra Gupta Maurya? 
10) Write any two habits to take care of our teeth. 
11) Write any two steps to reduce pollution. 
12) Write any four essential of first aid kit.

E. Draw and label the following. ( Any 2) (5x2=10)

1) A microscope 
2) Draw the earth with 5 upper layers 

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