CBSE Question Paper Of Class II Science- Sample Question Paper Just For Practice 2019

Question Paper Of Class II Science

CBSE Question Paper Of Class II Science

Hello everyone, as you know I am a teacher of upper primary level as well as I also use to teach class VIII, IX, and Xth spacially Science and Gk. So, I have collected some old question papers from my school from each and every class, I must tell you that my school is following the CBSE syllabus. So, in this post, I have given some questions about class II science by which your kids can practice it at home and it will be easy for them to score good marks in the exam.
Because this question paper will give them some ideas and some extra knowledge also. I must tell you one more thing that I have given the questions in two parts means two question papers are there one for half yearly exam and one is for an annual exam. So, let's go ahead and take a look at these questions.

Half Yearly Examination

   A. Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false.
  1. The sea is bigger than the oceans.
  2. The Polar Regions are covered with ice.
  3. Plants are non-living things.
  4. Shrubs have thin woody stems.
  5. Plants also keep the air fresh.
  6. A rabbit lives in a tree.
  7. Camel is a domestic animal.
  8. We get silk from sheep.
  9. Lungs help us to breathe.
  10. The brain is an external organ of our body.
B. Tick (√) the correct answer.
  1. Heart is inside our (hand/legs/chest/stomach)
  2. We have a pair of ( heart/ stomach/brain/lungs)
  3. The brain help us to ( think/eat/digest/breathe)
  4. We get wool from ( sheep/cow/goat/hen)
  5. Rabbit is killed for their ( eyes/fur/legs/ears)
  6. A monkey lives on a (tree/hole/den/kennel)
  7. Honey bee lives in ( colonies/shed/nest/hives)
  8. We use wood to make ( furniture/spices/clothes/medicines)
  9. We make gum from (rose/ tulsi/ ocasia/ coffee)
  10. Tree lives for many (days/weeks/months/years)
C. Fill in the blanks.
  1. A _____is a model of the earth.
  2. The ____is, not the same everywhere.
  3. The _____grow under the ground.
  4. _____are very useful to us.
  5. We use jute to make _____.
  6. A_____ cannot fly.
  7. Ant lives in _____.
  8. _____gives us honey.
  9. _____helps to digest our food.
  10. ______controls our sense organs.
D. Answer the following questions.
  1. What are the three kinds of plants
  2. Why do plants have thrones?
  3. Name three refreshing drinks?
  4. Name three pet animals?
  5. Name the domestic animals?
  6. Why does an animal need shelter?
  7. Name any three things made by milk.
  8. Name any three animals whose flesh is eaten by man?
  9. What is the work of the brain?
  10. Name any three external organs of our body?
  11. Name any three sense organs of our body?
  12. Name any three internal organs of our body?
E. Draw and label the following.
  1. The digestive system of our body (write any five parts name)
  2. A plant and their parts.

Annual Examination

A. Write (T) for true and (F) for false:
  1. All bones are small.
  2. We must always keep our back straight.
  3. All of us live in the jungle.
  4. The bungalow is made of canvas.
  5. We should play with fire.
  6. Carelessness can cause accidents.
  7. Seas are small water bodies.
  8. Wells are generally found in villages.
  9. Plants make the air fresh.
  10. We need air to eat.
B. Fill in the blanks:         

    1) ------- Can live on the moon.
    2) --------- Keep floating in the air.
    3) Seawater is --------.
    4) Cross the road only at --------.
    5) Boiled water is safe for-------.
    6) We should always hang our -------.
    7) Do not get on or off from moving-------.
    8) --------- Are found in villages.
    9) All the bones together form the ---------.
    10) ------------ Cannot move on their own.

   C.Answer the following questions:
  1. Why should we do exercise daily?
  2. What are dams?
  3. What are the joints?
  4. How can we change water into ice?
  5. What is a tent?
  6. What does air contain?
  7. Name any three temporary houses.
  8. What are germs?
  9. Write 2 safety rules you should follow in school.
  10. What is the sun made up of?
  11. Write 2 safety rules you should follow at home.
  12. What is also seen at night as the moon?
After this there are some photos to identify them, I can't upload those photos because of copyright issue, so let's go to the next questions.

E. Draw a picture of the water cycle and color it. 

F. Answer the following in brief. 
  1. Write any five joints name of our body.                        
  2. Write any five safety rules.         
  3. Write any 5 natural sources of water.

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