CBSE Question Paper Of Class III & IV Maths- Sample Question Paper Just For Practice 2019

CBSE Question Paper Of Class III & IV Maths

CBSE Question Paper Of Class II & III Maths

Hello everyone, My name is Taliv Ansari and in this post, I will be showing you Maths questions of Half Yearly term of our school. This question has been taken from Class III and IV's syllabus. So, if you are a student of class II or III or your loved one is belongs to these classes then you can give them these questions for practice.
So, let's move on and try to solve these questions...

Class III Maths

SECTION A (50 Marks)
Attempt all the questions from this Section.

I. Solve these objectives questions:                 [2 x 10 = 20]

1. Fill in the blanks.

a. Minute hand moves ________ round in a day.
b. Hour hand moves ________ round in a day.

2. Convert the following:

a. 5 hours 25 minutes into minutes.
b. 5 minutes 6 seconds into seconds.

3. Convert the paisa into rupees.

a. 125 paisa = Rs. ________.
b. 3284 paisa = Rs. ________.

4. Find the difference and quotient.

a. Subtract Rs.125.80 from Rs.625.25
b. Divide Rs.52.50 by 2.

5. Draw a line segment of:

a. 5 cm b.    13cm

6. What shapes do these have?

a. Face of an envelope. __________.
b. Face of a die. __________.

7. Fill in the blanks.

a. All sides of a _________ are equal.
b. A circle has ________ side and ________ vertex.

8. How many faces, corners and edges do the following shapes have?

a. Cube
Faces: ________ Corners: _________ Edges: ________
b. Cylinder
Faces: ________ Corners: _________ Edges: ________

9. Draw a horizontal line segment of 8cm and a vertical line segment of 8cm which intersect with each other. Name the line segments and the point of intersection.

II. Convert the following into metres (m). [2 x 3 = 6]

a. 4km 572m b.    9km 90m c.   18km 105m

III. Convert the following into kilometres (km) and metres (m). [2 x 3 = 6]

a. 1702m b.    3882m c.    6732m

IV. Convert the following into grams (g). [2 x 3 = 6]

a. 39 kg 28g b.    390kg c.    72kg 256g

V. Convert the following into kilograms (kg) and grams (g). [2 x 3 = 6]

a. 28000g b.    4975g c.    18325g

VI. Convert the following into millimetres (mm). [2 x 3 = 6]

a. 7l 395ml b.    15l 50ml c.    52l 725ml

SECTION B (30 Marks)
Attempt all the questions from this Section.

I. Solve these given word problems: [4 x 5 = 20]

1. Rohan goes to Delhi at 10:30 am and returned at 6:30pm. How long was he away?
2. Rudraksha bought a shirt for Rs.450.00, a pair of trousers for Rs.250.90 and a pair
of shoes for Rs.150.50. How much money did he spend?
3. A shirt can be bought for Rs.985.90. Find the cost of 5 shirts.
4. A boy weighs 43kg 250g. He lost 2kg 350g due to illness. What is his height now?
5. Three buckets contain 16l 220ml, 18l 200ml, and 2l 250ml milk respectively. Find 
the total quantity of milk in all the three buckets.

II. Given below are the numbers of hours spent by six friends in studying. [1 x 10 = 10]

Ruitwik – 6 hours Pranay – 4 hours Karan – 6 hours
Mitlesh – 7 hours Naman – 5 hours Sunny – 3 hours
Draw a bar graph to represent this information and fill in the blanks:
a. ____________ spends most time in studying.
b. ____________ spends least time in studying.
c. ____________ and ____________ spend equal time in study.
d. Karan spends ___________ hour more than Naman.
e. Total time spent by all the six friends in study is __________ hours.

Class IV Maths

SECTION A (40 Marks)
Attempt all the questions from this Section.

Solve these objective questions: [ 30 marks ]

(a) 1) Fortnight = _____days. (b) Any factor of a number cannot be larger than ______.
Fill in the boxes with correct digits......... /11 = 45/55
3.  Solve this fraction.... 4/29+ 5/29+ 6/29+ 7/29
4.  Subtract.....56l 4dl 7cl 4ml from 63l 519ml.
5.  Find the area......length=25cm, breadth=45cm.
6. Subtract   201/257 - 245/365
7. Find the radius..... (a) Diameter=36cm, 
8. Find the diameter.... (a) Radius=31cm
9. Draw the circle of the radius.... (a) 5.5cm (b) 6.5cm
10. Divide 150km 775m by 5.
11. Convert the following:
(a)  6m 320mm into mm.
(b)  80hg 52dag 44g into g.
(c)  44722g into kg, hg, dag and g.
(d)  31522ml into l and ml.
(e)  45346ml into l, dl, cl, and ml.

II. Compulsory questions: [ 10 marks ]

1. In a school, the favorite subjects of students are shown in the boxes. Represent this data in the form of a bar graph and answer the following questions.
No. Of students
Subjects:   Hindi     English     Science      Math     Drawing     History

(a) Which is the most favorite subject?
(b) Which is the least favorite subject?
(c) How many students like English?
(d) Which is the second most favorite subject?

2. See the picture alongside and fill in the boxes

(a) OA, OB, OC and OD are the ______of the circle.   
(b) AD and CB are ______of the circle.
(c) Point ______is the centre of the circle.
(d) The chords of the circle are ______and ______.

SECTION B (40 Marks)

I.  Solve these word problems. .[ 40 marks ]

1. Varsha goes to her coaching class at 4:15 pm. She comes home at 6:40pm. How much time she spent at coaching.
2. Achint goes to bed at 9 am and get up after 9 hours and 30 minutes. At which time does he get up?
3. Harshit went on a tour on 16 March 2013. He returned on 13 April 2013. For how many days did he spent on the tour?
4. Indian cricket team goes to play a cricket series in South Africa on 3 November 2013. If the team came back on 4 February 2014. How many days long was the tour?
5. A milkman has 86kg of milk. He sold 39kg 280g milk. How much milk left?
6. The perimeter of a triangular field is 148m. Its two sides are 45m and 70m respectively. Find the length of the third side.
7. The length of a hall is 40m and its breadth is 30m. We have to paste some flowers all around it with the help of a tape. How many tapes are required? If the cost of tape is Rs.17 per meter then find the cost of the tape.
8. A city is pentangular in shape. It's every side is 10km long. A bus starts from a stand and runs all around the city to come back on that stand. If the bus takes 5 trips daily then how much distance it travel daily?
9. The distance between Delhi to Meerut is 80km, Meerut to Hapur is 40km and Hapur to Delhi are 50km. A bus takes 8 trips from Meerut to Delhi, Delhi to Hapur and Hapur to Meerut. How much this bus travels daily?
10. Harishankar of 226, Shakurpur purchased following items from Rubi General Store, Karol Bagh.
5kg rice @ 28 per kg
3kg sugar @ 40 per kg
3 dozen candles @ 60 per dozen
2kg moong dal @ 8 per kg
Prepare a bill for these items.

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