CBSE Question Paper Of Class III & IV Science- Sample Question Paper Just For Practice 2019

CBSE Question Paper Of Class III & IV Science

CBSE Question Paper Of Class III,IV,V Science- Sample Question Paper Just For Practice 2019

Hello students, My name is Taliv and as you know I am a teacher of the subjects science and Gk of upper primary level, and in this post, I have brought some very basic and interesting questions by which you can practice a pretty much. I must tell you that these questions have been asked in half-yearly exams in our school, if you need annual term questions also then please do comment below, I will definitely bring it for you. Now, take a look at these questions and test yourself that how many questions you can solve. And as I mentioned above these questions have been taken from 2 classes which are class three, and four.
So, go ahead...

Class III Science

A.   Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false. (1x10=10)

1) The living thing does not need food. 
2) A chick grows into a hen. 
3) Leaves grow on the root. 
4) Leaves help the plant to breathe. 
5) The fruit protects the flower. 
6) Different animals have the same eating habits. 
7) Lizard swallows its food as a whole. 
8) Human beings are also omnivores. 
9) Birds are toothless. 
10) Birds take their foods like us. 

B. Fill in the blanks. (1x10=10)
1) Some birds have______beaks. 
2) _______make their nest in tree trunks. 
3) _______ is a preying bird. 
4) _______ eats seed, grains and nuts. 
5) _____ holds plant firmly to the soil. 
6) ______ reproduces by laying eggs. 
7) Plants do not have any _______. 
8) Human body is made up of _______. 
9) Producing young ones is called ______. 
10) _______ is hidden inside the fruits. 

C.  Write the foods of the following. (1x6=6)

1) Parrot _______ __
2) Humming bird _______ __
3) Hoopoe _________ 
4) Pigeon ________ _
5) Swallow ________ _
6) Peacock ______ ___

D. Name the following. (1x4=4)

1) It makes food for the plant _________ 
2) It changes into fruit _________ 
3) It fixes the plant to the soil _________
4) It changes into a new plan _________ 

E. Write the answer to the following. (2x10=20)

1) What is chlorophyll? 
2) What is germination? 
3) Give any three features of living things. 
4) Why do animals move one place to another? 
5) What type of teeth do carnivores have? 
6) How can you take care of domestic animals? 
7) Name two animals that swallow their food as a whole. 
8) How do claws help the birds? 
9) Compare the breathing habits of animal and plants. 
10) From where do mushrooms get their food? 

F. Answer the following briefly. (Any 4) (4x5=20)

1) What is the function of the reproductive system and digestive system? 
2) How do the skeleton system and muscular system help us? 
3) Draw a diagram of leaf and show their parts. 
4) Draw a diagram of the bird and show their parts. 
5) Draw a diagram of the circulatory system and show the heart, lungs, and heart.

Class IV Science

A. Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false. ( 1x10=10)

1) The stem is the main support of the plant.
2) Stem helps the plant to breathe through stomata.
3) A coconut tree grows in hot and damp areas.
4) A pine tree graves in a hot climate.
5) A tape grass is an underwater plant.
6) Polar bear lives in cold regions.
7) Bat is not a bird, it is an animal.
8) Lion is an amphibian. 
9) The yellow part of an egg is called caterpillar. 
10) Proteins are called protective food

B. Fill in the blanks. (1x10=10)

1) _______ of food starts in the mouth. 
2) _______ helps to grind the food. 
3) Fruits and vegetables are the rich source of _______. 
4) _______ do not sit on their eggs to keep them warm. 
5) Animals that live on land are called _______. 
6) Birds, butterflies are _______ animals. 
7) Human beings are _______. 
8) Desert plants are called _______. 
9) Venus flytrap is on _______. 
10) _______ are non green plants.
C. Answer the following questions. ( Any 10) (2x10=20)

1) Define photosynthesis. 
2) Write a short note on the role of stomata in leaf. 
3) Why do the plants of the desert have no leaves? 
4) What is a rainforest? 
5) Why do aerial animals have light bodies? 
6) What is the characteristic of mammals? 
7) Explain the four stages of life circle of a butterfly. 
8) What are the nutrients? 
9) What is a balanced diet?
10) Name four kinds of microbes. 
11) What is grown and root? 
12) What do you know by reproduction? 

D. Explain the following( Any 2) ( 5x10=10)

1) The process of digestion in the human body. 
2) Write the rules for proper digestion. 
3) There is how many kinds of microbes? Explain each. 
4) Flow microbes or bacteria are useful to us? Write any 5 points. 

E. Draw and label the following. (5x2=10)

1) Digestive system (show - mouth, liver, stomach, small intestine, large intestine).  
2) Explain the four stages of the life cycle of a butterfly.

F. Match the following. ( 1x5=5)

Cat           Egg laying animals
Cockroach   Caterpillar
Sparrow   Mammal
Frog           Nymph
Butterfly   Tadpole

So, what is your score hmm?
Comment below, and also give me some feedback, suggest me some things that what should I bring for you? I will definitely do that. So this much for today keep reading my other articles. Till than bbye god bless you all :)

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