CBSE Question Paper Of Class V & VI Gk- Sample Question Paper Just For Practice 2019

CBSE Question Paper Of Class V & VI Gk

CBSE Question Paper Of Class V & VI Gk

Hello everyone, this is Taliv here and today in this post I wil give you some important questions of Gk, for the classes V and VI, it will help you to improve your knowledge as well as it will help you to get some marks in the exam. I must tell you that these questions I have taken from a half-yearly examination of CBSE board. So, if you require an annual exam's questions also then comment below, I will definitely bring that. So, without any further delay lets move on, and let's see all the questions. Here we go...

Class V Gk

A. Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false. ( 1x10=10)

1) A savings account gives us annual interest. 
2) We don't need any PIN to withdraw money from ATM. 
3) The Arabic language is spoken in Brazil. 
4) Asian paints make colors. 
5) "pure for sure" is the tagline of dettol. 
6) We have to be so panic during an earthquake. 
7) Nuts are healthy food. 
8) Macca is in New York. 
9) Facebook is a social networking website. 
10) Nasiruddin Shah is a singer.

B. Fill in the blanks. (1x10=10)

1) ______ treats problems with the ear, nose and throat. 
2) _______ treats bow related illness or broken bones. 
3) _______ is a doctor specializes in surgical operation. 
4) Dahlia is a national flower of ______. 
5) Lily is the national flower of ______. 
6) _______ invented the internet. 
7) _______ invented the surgery. 
8) The flower of this plant is the national flower of india. 
9) In our bank's passbook debit means______. 
10) In our bank's passbook credit means _______.

C. Answer the following questions. (2x10=20)

1) What is a saving account? 
2) What is a passbook? 
3) What is the full form of IDBI bank? 
4) Write the use if motor and pestle. 
5) What is the use of bunsen burner? 
6) Write any 2 uses of coal. 
7) Write any 2 uses of the diamond. 
8) Write the world's first two tallest buildings name and their height or country name. 
9) What do you know by economics? Who is called the father of economic? 
10) What is facebook? Who is the founder of it?

D. Draw the following
1) Logo of Google
2) Logo of linked. In
3) Logo of SBI
F. Match the following. (1x10=10)

1) Just do it 1) Natural disaster 
2) Born tough  2) Saudi Arabia
4) Earthquake 4) Nike
5) Makkah 5) Shehnai
6) Social networking  6) Kerela
7) Coal 7) Assam
8) Uranium  8) Facebook 
9) Petroleum 9) Jharkhand
10) Ustad bismillah khan 10) Born Tuff 

Class VI Gk

  A.   Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false. (1x10=10)

1) Rose is the most deeply ingrained flower in human history. 
2) Amazon is in South America. 
3) Ganga is the 2nd largest river in the world. 
4) Niagara runs through Canada. 
5) The Thames is the longest river in England. 
6) Premchand is the author of Godan. 
7) Mahatma Gandhi wrote An era of darkness. 
8) Kautilya wrote Arthasastra. 
9) Vatican city is the smallest country in the world. 
10) Madina is in America. 

B  Match the following. (1x10=10)

1) Madina Migratory Birds 
2) Blog Raman Effect 
3) Bluetooth Nervous System 
4) Amlata         Saudi Arabia 
5) Neem         Internet 
6) Shantiniketan Wireless Networking 
7) Arctic tern Solves skin related problems 
8) CV Raman Digestive system 
9) Retina Rabindranath Tagore 
10) Stomach Raman Effect 

C. Answer the following question. (Any 10) (2x10=30)

1) What do you know by Mecca and Medina? 
2) Write the famous festivals of Assam, Muslims and write the harvest festival of India. 
3) Write any 3 aims of first aid. 
4) When the world health day, Earth day, and World Human Rights day observe? 
5) What do you know by the firewall? 
6) Write any 3 facts about Ganga River. 
7) Write any 3 uses of Aloe vera. 
8) What do you know by migrating birds? 
9) Where is Vidhan Sabha? For what purpose it was made? How many members in Vidhan Sabha? 
10) What is the work of retina? 
11) Why Dussehra is being celebrated? 
12) Explain the festival Eid-ul-Fitr. 

D. Draw and label the following. ( Any 2) (5x2=10)

1) Any 5 first aid tool kits, draw and write their names. 
2) The human eye, show any 5 parts including optic nerve. 

E. Answer the following question. (Any 2) (5x2=10)

1) Explain the first aid tips for bleeding and burns. 
2) Write any 5 facts about the river Nile. 
3) Explain the migration of birds from the polar region to hot regions and from a hot region to polar regions with an example.

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