CBSE Question Paper Of Class V & VI Science- Sample Question Paper Just For Practice 2019

CBSE Question Paper Of Class V & VI Science

CBSE Question Paper Of Class V & VI Science- Sample Question Paper Just For Practice 2019

Welcome back once again dear students, as you know my name is Taliv, you can call me SirTaliv, and in this post, I have brought some very important questions of science for the classes V and VI, so if you or your loved one belong to these classes you can ask these questions or if you are a student then you can practice from these questions for a better performance in exam. I must tell you one more thing, that these questions I have brought from my school's (Where I am teaching) half yearly exam. So these questions are from half-yearly examination, if you need annual exam questions also then comment below, I will bring it for you.
So, go ahead and practice these questions...

Class V Science

(Read your questions carefully before you attempt it)

  A.   Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false. (1x10=10)

1) Apply an antiseptic lotion to prevent infection.
2) An adult brain weighs about 12 kg.
3) The lens focuses the picture on the retina.
4) The cerebrum is the center of intelligence.
5) Fishes breathe with the help of lungs.
6) Mosquitoes have a coiled proboscis.
7) Each organ has a special function to do.
8) Insects breathe through lungs.
9) Coconut grows well in the black soil.
10) Do not eat food exposed to dust and flies.

B. Fill in the blanks. (1x10=10)

1) Malaria is caused by the bite of the ______.
2) ______ helps to relax our muscles.
3) _______ is obtained from plant and animal wastes.
4) _____ is a Kharif crop.
5) _____ Muscles are attached to the bones of the skeleton.
6) _____ is made up of 22 bones.
7) ______ joins the brain to the spinal cord.
8) The sound waves enter through the _____ ear.
9) _______ is like a master computer of our body.
10) ______ is the largest part of our brain.
C  Match the following. (1x10=10)

Atmosphere              Breathe through spiracles
Insects                      Breathe through lungs
Mammals              Are amphibians
Frogs                      Are harmful migratory insects
Locusts                      Mixture of gases
Vitamin A                      Goitre
Vitamin C               Marasmus
Iodine                       Scurvy
Carbohydrates               Kwashiorkor
Proteins                       Night blindness

D. Answer the following question. (2x10=20)

1. What first aid should be given in case of animal bite?
2. How can you keep your skin healthy?
3. What are nerves and what are their functions?
4. What is the joint?
5. Name any three movable joints in our body.
6. How birds move?
7. How do fish breathe?
8. What is migration? Name an animal which migrates to India.
9. What is a balanced diet?
10. What does a seed contain?

E. Draw and label the following. ( Any 2) (5x2=10)

1) Skeleton system (show any 5 bones)
2) The human eye (show any 5 part)
3) Any 5 road signals. And write their purpose.

F.  Explain the following.

1) Give the reason for the following:-
         a) Always wash your hand before and after giving first aid.
         b) Never dive in shallow water.
         c) Wash all fruits and vegetables before eating.
         d) Apply an antiseptic on the wound. 
2) Write any two differences between voluntary and involuntary muscles. (2)

Class VI Science

(Read your questions carefully before you attempt it)

A.  Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false. (1x10=10)

1. Moon is a luminous object.
2. Muddy water is an opaque object.
3. The horse is a carnivore.
4. Plants are known as producers.
5. Cells cannot be seen under a microscope.
6. All plants and animals are living thing.
7. Synthetic fabrics wrinkle easily.
8. Jute is smooth and shiny.
9. The straining of tea is a very common example of filtration.
10. Wood, stone, and bricks are an opaque object. 

B. Fill in the blanks. (1x10=10)

1. The plant parts which are eaten are called ______.
2. We get ______ mainly from plants and animals.
3. Breathing in and breathing out is a part of ______.
4. The average life span of a lion is _______.
5. The structural unit of a living thing is called ______.
6. Synthetic clothing is _____and smooth.
7. ______ soil is best for jute.
8. Soil is an example of _______.
9. _____ are made up of only one kind of substance.
10. Image is not formed in the _____reflection.

C. Answer the following questions. ( Any 10) (2x10=20)

1. Define shadow.
2. What do you know reflection?
3. What are condemnation and sublimation?
4. Explain the process of winnowing.
5. What are weaving and knitting?
6. Write any 4 uses of jute.
7. What are natural fabrics? Give an example.
8. What is called excretion?
9. What is called photo prism?
10. What are parasites? Explain giving example.
11. How is animal useful to us?
12. How are plants useful to us? 

D. Explain the following( Any 3) ( 5x3=15)

1. Why do we need to separate mixtures into their components? Explain giving examples.
2. What are the differences between translucent and opaque objects? Explain giving examples.
3. Write any 5-5 common features of living and nonliving things.
4. Explain the difference between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

E. Draw the following. ( 5x2=10)

1. Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. Also, give an explanation.
2. Prove that light travels in a straight line. Give an explanation.

So, what is your score hmm?
Comment below, and also give me some feedback, suggest me some things that what should I bring for you? I will definitely do that. So this much for today keep reading my other articles. Till than bbye god bless you all :)

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