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Why Choose Best Blogging Platform

How To Choose Best Blogging Platform

Are you looking for the best blogging platform to start your blog, obviously yes that's why you are here right?
But, where you are going to start your blog there are lots of blogging platforms which will make you soo confuse what to choose and which we should not choose because once you choose your blogging platform you have to go through it and you have to do a lot of hard work in your blog to improve it. And once it is improved so that all of your written articles and your blog or website would be ranked on google at that time if you want to change your blogging platform it will be so difficult for you to change because once your site will be ranked on google and you want to transfer it into another blogging platform you have to do the same hard work once again. So better you choose your blogging platform very carefully so that letter everything will be fine and easy for you.
In this article, I'll tell you about 3 blogging platforms which will you to choose your best one, according to your need and according to your blog type.

Top Blogging Site To Make Money

Here are the top 3 blogging platforms which I personally recommend you to choose one of them if you want to create a stunning blog.,, and These are the top 3 platforms which I personally use and I suggest to every new blogger to choose one of them. There are more blogging platforms apart from these 3 I have explained about them in my other blog post.
Now, I think it is still confusing for you that among these 3 which one should we choose right? Don't worry I'll explain all the blogging platforms and I will give the links also for the respecting sites so that you can go through that links and you can choose your blogging platform according to your need.

Best Free Blogging Sites

So, let's go ahead and let's see all of these best free blogging sites. The is worlds most popular blogging platform or you can say it is a blogging software which you need to install in your computer or on a laptop. This blogging platform was started in 2003, and now has become so popular after it gives power to more than 305 of all websites on the internet.
Now don't be confuse between and they both are different from each other. is self hosted platform where you have to buy your own hosting and your own domain and you'll become the 100% owner of your website, where is different if you are creating your blog from its totally free they will provide you free hosting free domain but it will be hosted by WordPress itself. It means you can only manage the website and you can use that but you don't have the full control on it, any time WordPress can ban your site or they can do anything with your site.
But its good for the beginners at first you should go from the free one after that when you'll have the knowledge about it, then you can go for the paid one. If you create a blog with free web hosting and free subdomain your website URL would be like, "" or "" which does not sound good I know.

Why choose WordPress?

1) Wordpress gives you full control to your website.
2) You can grow your blog adding extra plugins like forums, online store, and paid membership which will help you to earn extra money from blogging.
3) There are many attractive and responsive themes are available which you can use in free in your blog and it gives a professional look to your blog.
4) In Wordpress are will be getting more extra plugins with more than 5400 free plugins like, apps, contact forms, galleries, these are the extra features which give your blog a professional look.
5) The Wordpress is a search engine friendly blogging platform where you can easily create SEO friendly URLs categories and tags for your post. Even the Wordpress has many plugins for SEO. This is a hosted blogging platform which provides you to create a very good website in an easy way with no coding skills. You can use its wix blog app to add your blog to your websites. It was founded in 2006 where anyone can create their blog easily or any kind of website. Now, wix has more than 110 million users across the globe. Wix is usually used for making a very professional website for big organizations because the website build by is very professional and expensive.

Here are some key facts about
1) If you want to create a powerful website then this would be the best choice for you.
2) is a platform where you can build a website including many many personal plugins.
3) If you don't know about coding then it would be the best choice for you because wix does not need any coding skills, you can customize it very easily.

ok, Now let's move on to the next blogging platform and this is my personal favorite. is one of my favorite blogging platforms and I must tell you that i have started my blogging carrier on It is Google's product or you can say that it is powered by Google. The most important thing is its a free blogging platform you don't have to pay any single money also. If you want any custom domain then it is up to you, you can buy a custom domain and you can set it into your blog. By the way, if you are creating your blog in then I must tell you one thing that it is hosted by Google, means if Google wants they can do anything with your blog anytime. You don't have full authority on your blog, So if want your self-hosting also then you can set it into your blog it is up to you. If you want to know more about blogging then you can read this "click here to read the article".

That's it guys, hope I've answered everything regarding this topic, If you still have any confusion regarding this topic then feel free to contact me or comment below, i would like to answer you.

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