How to start a blog and make money- Blogging for beginers

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

So, you want to create a blog right? Great!
But, the main question is asking your own self is, how to create a blog? You might be searched also in many places on the internet, and you might get many ideas. But still, you are confused, right? Umm...
Don't worry...Just hold on and read this article, I am sure that after reading this you'll be getting all of your answers.
Before going ahead I must recommend that before starting a blog you must know about blogging, what is a blog actually. If you know then very good! If you don't know then you can read my last article where I've explained almost everything about what is blogging.

So, you are here to know actually how to start, and from where should we start blogging?
okay, so let's move on from the first step! I must tell you one thing that I'll explain 4 basic things which you need to start a blog. These 5 steps are the main steps which you have to do to create a stunning blog. If you'll follow these steps then you don't need to go anywhere you can set up own own blog within 30 minutes.
So go ahead with the first step-

Choose Your Best Blogging Platform

Choosing the best blogging platform is one of the very important parts of blogging. there are many kinds of blogging platforms and they all are providing different experience according to their performance and popularity. The blogging platform you are choosing will affect your blog also, so better you go through the best blogging platforms. Here are some blogging platforms which I recommend you to choose because I have personal experience with them and they are quite easy and fast for a new blogger.

1) Blogger: Definitely a very popular and fast blogging platform. Blogger is one of Google's product which provides you to create a blog free of cost with a subdomain. It is very easy for the new bloggers and I personally recommend you that, If you are new then you should start your blogging with blogger. 
Here are some reasons why you should go with blogger:
1) Very easy to set up a blog, and its totally free of cost.
2) Lots of free templates to design your blog. (Really all themes are just awesome)
3) There is a support of google forum, in case you stuck in any problem, it's very rare that you'll be in problem with blogger, but its good to have a support system.
4) It will provide you a free subdomain with, which you can change also if you want to set a custom domain.
5) It will provide you free web hosting, which gives you very fast browsing and page loading speed, by which your site visitors can easily access your site. As you know Google and their hosting power, they have a very strong hosting.

Web Hosting And Domain

Now, let's talk about one more serious matter, that what is domain and web hosting?
if you are new here, you'll be soo confused about it because it has happened to me also when I was new.
So, Read it very carefully...
When you create a free blog with blogger or WordPress its totally free and they provide you a free web hosting and a free subdomain. Now, what is it right? See, a subdomain means they provide you your website URL including there url with them, like ""
Doesn't look good I know, That's why the second step is to buy a domain for your blog to give your blog a professional look. It will be better for you if you'll buy .com, .in or domain, because if you want to earn money from google adsense then these kinds of the domain can improve your possibilities of getting approval from google adsense, and these kinds of domains are known as a good SEO domain.
This may seem silly at first, but you are not really the owner of your blog. It is hosted on someone else's web property and if they want it can be removed. They did this in the past and will continue to do in the future. Which means that all your hard work on blogs, all those countless hours of writing a blog post have been disappeared within seconds. Sad ...

On the other hand, with a self-hosted blog on your own domain name - you're the real owner of your blog. You can name your blog as you like, for example, "" or "". You can end it with .com,, .net, .org, or  any other subdomain you like. Add that unlimited bandwidth to videos, images and content and free themes and you have a winning combo.

So what are the price of hosting and a domain name? Not as much as you are thinking, fortunately not much. It usually works around $ 5 to $ 10 per month, depending on your hosting provider, which is not less than some coffee. And if you are going to buy a .com domain then you can buy from which provides a .com domain at a very cheap price.

Designing Of Your Blog

Now its a fun part because designing of your blog is quite interesting and it affects your blog and it shows your blog personality. A well-designed blog is the main thing which a visitor notices the first time when he or she visited your blog. So, its very important to design your blog in a very professional way. To design your blog you just need a template which you have to install on your blog, after that you have to customize it according to you. Now its totally depends on you that how will you customize your blog and what you want to see in your blog. While designing your blog you have to must know that which plugins you want to use and what you wanna show to your visitors first.
Make sure there should be one heading, your blog or website logo, some important pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, terms, and conditions etc. You must have a menu bar where you can categorize your blog posts. To know more about designing or customizing the blog read my other article on designing the blog.

Choose The Best Niche For Your Blog

After setting everything the last step is to choose a best and unique blog niche for your blog and keep writing unique articles so that people will attract towards your blog. Always be concern about your content that what you are writing, do research for keywords before writing an article. Try to learn about SEO and do off page Seo and on page SEO on your blog post it will help you to boost your traffic.

So, that's it, hope you've understood what I've tried to make you understand, if you have any question regarding blogging, then comment below, I'll be happy to help you.

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