Update #27 - PUBG Update Xbox And PUBG Pc Updates

PUBG Update Today, Update #27

Update #27 - PUBG Update Xbox And PUBG Pc Updates

Update #27 is bringing the new MP5K, multiple of weapon balance changes, and the new Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card and many more!
Hi everybody,
Update # 27 is currently on the PUBG: check the server and is scheduled for next week. We'll keep you updated and Build an announcement once it will be live!
The first thing of this update is it brings the latest Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card! With up to sixty rewards obtainable In celebration of the PUBG two year day, we'll also be able to add a free two YEAR day CAP to the shop. Many changes have occurred during this update, which is very likely to be asked by the PUBG players.
Major changes were made to the Flare Gun, together with quality enhancements. We've been advertising the new MP5K SMG to develop, bumped up the loot on Erangel, created many changes in weapon balance, together with the M16A4 strong, and additionally reduced aim punch. We have not forgotten bug fixes and we have got listed below!
Read more about the changes:

The New Weapon MP5K 

MP5K is a new brand sub-machine gun designed for 9 mm bullets. MP5K is the gun which has been brought in this new update into the VIKENDI and it will be replacing the vector gun on that map.
The firing speed of MP5K is quite similar to vector but it has more damage than vector, we can compare it with DP but DP is far better than this. The SMG capacity of this gun is far higher than vector gu, it can reload up to 30 bullets and with extra extended mag, it can reload up to 40 bullets.
Specification of MP5K:
1) The higher rate with the firing speed at 900 RPM is very easy to reasonably control.
2) A new attachment called tactical stock has been added to all the attachment slots just to allow for many types of magazines, even on maps attachments, grips, laser sight and definitely scope.
3) Base damage value of this gun is 33.
4) This weapon is Specially for VIKENDI map.

Survival Pass 3

'Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card' will start soon and it includes more than 60 awards, which can be achieved within a 10-week period. The new pass will be included for the better missions that will allow testing the skill of the different players, and two more new features are, now the players can track their mission and they also can change the in-game background music.

Now you can enjoy the new Survivor Pass 3: Which is called Wild Card!

Pass period
The new survivor Pass 3: Wild Card will be started from the month of March 26 to PDT and from the month 4th June till a 10th week from June.

Better features
Now players can see live mission tracking in the live game.
You have to press the P button to see the live tracking details.

New missions
Daily mission system: These missions will be changed daily, so make sure that you are finishing your game every time! You can also swap up to 3 missions in just one day.
The Weekly mission: Now you also will be able to play up to 10 new missions every week. You can also swap the game up to 5 missions per week just for the newcomers, and after that, the missions will disappear.
The Initial Mission: They have Added 10 new introductory missions that teach to the players about various kind of in-game features.
There will be an additional challenge mission just to test the player's gunplay skills with the following weapons: Tommy Gun, Beryl M762, S686, UMP45, M16A4
You will be Earning a new weapon skin after completing each weapon mission!

There will be more than 60 total rewards.
There also you can see some new characters face and hairstyles as a free pass prize.
There will be many excited bag skins.
Every level near will provide a coupon which can be used to redeem objects and random keys in the coupon store.

Premium passes and level-up items
Premium Pass: $ 9.99 (Price may vary slightly depending on your area)
Players who purchase premium passes will receive a free credit key for East Erangel Police Crate
Level-up items:
5 level $ 4.99, 20 levels $ 17.99, 30 level up items $ 24.99 (price slightly depending on your area)
Sales duration: June 27 KST 11:00 on June 5 KST to live server maintenance

Language is disabled when changing in-game to prevent crash related to Live Mission progression function.

Bug Fixed

An issue has been fixed in which the players were able to see the previous walls by misusing the remote system.

An issue was fixed where the players could open or close the doors even after stopping the vehicle.
An issue was fixed where the players were able to look through a thin wall while bending against it.
Fixed an issue where one player was damaged by two Molotov cocktails, the credit for the first throwing player would be credited.
Fixed an issue in which smoke coming from a grenade explosion underlines the players inside the grenade.
Fixed an issue where players are unable to stand on a crossbow.
A problem is solved, where players with bad network connectivity do not suffer any harm if they are out of running vehicles.
Fixed an issue that can reset your gun in single fire mode even though the default is set as a full-auto mode.
Fixed an issue where switching firing mode on the Bizon alphabet hand walks abnormally.
Inventory UI fixes the problem that is displayed incorrectly while equipping some attachments on QBZ.
A problem where a specific object care package prevents landing on the ground, it has been fixed.
Games to forcibly close the client or crashed solve a problem is unable to regenerate players after.
An issue is fixed where some other items appear in different places for other players
Fixed an issue that causes heavy FPS drops, using hotkeys to mute or change audio channels.
Include problem where automatic mini-map zoom is not being activated inside aircraft or parachuting.
An issue which allows players to wear items they first exchange for BP.
A problem is solved using the top of the page or the page down, which will sometimes be the circle between only two players.
When looking at the player shooting at the ADS, a problem where the guns can be unusual may be abnormal.
Fixed an issue where the video length sliders were difficult to see in the Replay Editor.
Fixed an issue where the character model was showing a connection between the neck and the body.
Fixed an issue where an unusual line coming from players' heads with a specific presence in Zombie mode can be seen.
Fixed an issue where the attached vision increased the ADS speed of other scopes.
Fixed a problem where engraving a specific magazine on the rope will display a wrong magazine model.
Fixed an issue where switching from the main view to the canted sight will reset the retinal glow.
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