Best 20 Free Ahrefs Alternative Of 2019 -Free SEO Tools And Free SEO Powersuite 2019

Best Free SEO Tools Of 2019

Best 20 Free Ahrefs Alternative Of 2019

Hellow bloggers, I am saying here bloggers because whoever reading this article they might be a blogger, or a website builder right?
Ok, are you looking for a tool like Ahrefs? Which will give you quite the same experience and facilities which is given by Ahref tool? Obviously yes! Why not! Because whoever is a new blogger they don't want to invest more money in such tools, and they should not do this also if they are new in this field. At first, you should go with the free tools, after that if you started earning money than you can go for the paid tools.

So, in this post, I will tell you 20 alternative of Ahref tool by which you can rank your articles very easily in Google and other search engines. It is very important nowadays to use this kind of tools, which help you to know who is your competitor how you can rank your article on the first page on google. Because everyone is in competition now.

So, these are the best 20 Ahref tool alternatives which you can use totally free.

 Google Keyword Planner, Analytics, And Search Console

As you know that Google always provides many tools in free for its users, these are some tools and their specifications, which you can do in free.

You can Find and do researches about keywords with the help of Keyword Planner.
You can Identify trends with, the help of Google Trends.
You can fix the technical and also on‐page issues with the help of the free tool of Google called Google Search Console.

You also can Analyze many things like, how many people from the world are visiting in your website, what are their identity, and from where they are come from, with the help of Google Analytics.
Answer the Public is the tool which fetches Google's autocompleted queries in the bulk amount and its uses to divide them into various kinds of lists. And this is very useful for the publisher to uncovering and to identify the questions of people who are asking on Google. By using this tool you can see what people want or why people are seeking, by using this tool you can answer them via your post link and easily get the traffic.

 The Beam Us Up Tool

 The Beam Us tool is a tool which is totally free SEO crawling tool. This is one of the great alternatives of Ahref tool. But, the sad part is this is only available for one operating system which is Windows operating system.

Suppose you are a Mac operating or any other operating user, then you should not forget that Screaming Frog means this tool can crawl at the maximum number of 500 web pages for absolutely free (but with the limited functionality).

Yoast SEO

Are you running a WordPress site? hmm...So, Yoast is Will be the best SEO plugin you will ever need.

You can Use this tool to improve and to optimize the meta tags of your site as well as you can generate the sitemap of your website very easily and quickly with the help of this tool.


Keyworddit uses to extracts the keywords from Reddit. You just have to enter any subreddit (e.g., /r/big SEO) and it will start showing you the list of a hundred of keywords as well as monthly search volumes.

It is very far useful to understand the topics of the subjects that your audience is most interested in or what they want to see. is a tool who finds all the email addresses related to any website in just a few seconds.

(But it is limited, which is you can use it up to 100 requests per month)

Each of the email address has another confidence score. Even some email address has a “verified” icon, which means, Now you can use this email address with the total confidence means you are fully approved now.

One more interesting feature of this tool is by using this tool you can find the email address of a specific person. You just have to enter the domain name and the person’s name in this tool respectively.
You can install its Chrome extension also for quick access.

Seo Web Page Analyzer

The SEO Web Page Analyzer is free of cost tool or you can say it an Analyzer which gives you comprehensive analysis and many more things on your website page.

It can bring out any kind of images related to your post with the many missing alt tags, the heading of your site, the structure, even the internal and external links, even the meta title and even description, and many more things. You will also get here a facility of an on‐page SEO score checker between the number zero to a hundred.


LinkMiner is a tool and a Chrome extension which allows you to check any web page for their broken links very easily. It’s very useful to find broken links and building opportunities.

You also can export a totally full list of many of the scraped links in a CSV file on it with just one single click, which also includes the codes of status and its information, the type of links, and many more things.

Suppose you have found a huge number of broken and bad links on a page with the help of LinkMiner, you just follow this: You just export them to the tool, or, paste all the list into Ahrefs’ In the batch Analysis tool, after that sort them as the referring domain columns which are high to low.

Responsive Design Checker

The Responsive Design Checker is a tool which is very simple and very useful too, what actually it used to do is, it's checking the responsiveness of any other websites or pages, and it says that the website is responsive or not. You do not have to do more things, you just have to enter any URL of any site there to see how it looks like on any desktop, or in tablet, or in mobile devices.

You can also use this tool to see your website design in particular devices. Like, suppose you want to see how your site will look like in your phone, so you can check it out.


SERProbot is a tool which is a totally free tool which is used to check the rankings in Google of any website. This google ranking checking tool is allowing their user to check the rankings for a maximum of five keywords at a time.

The good part of this tool is, you don't need to register here. You just have to enter your domain or any URL of your site and list of keywords, and boom! It will show you.

You also can also check the rankings by selecting a different kind of regions like,, or

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords everywhere is a chrome extension which allows you to set an extension in your browser which automatically shows you the search volume, CPC, and much more about a particular keyword whenever you search in google for any keyword or anything.

It helps you through keyword planner tool, basically, it takes the data from keyword planner which is so far accurate and it automatically shows you everything when you are searching for any keyword in google.

Similar Web

The similar web is a free web tool which shows you the average monthly as well as daily traffic of any website. This tool is free to use and you can also keep it as an extension in your chrome browser. To set it as an extension you just have to search it in the chrome web store and set it into your browser as an extension.

Now, whenever you'll go to any website you can easily see their monthly plus daily traffic. This tool also allows you to see that from where this traffics are coming from?

You can check the percentage of real organic traffic, social media traffic, referring traffics and, many more things by using this tool.


GTMetrix is a free tool which allows you to check the loading speed of your website. By using this tool you can boost the loading speed of your website.

Apart from the loading speed this tool also suggests that what are the thing you need to do to boost up the speed of your site. Because if the loading speed of your site is poor then it is a very big disadvantage for your site, in result the viewers do not like to visit your site again, it causes the high bounce rate.

To solve this kind of problems you must take help of this tool. is a very useful and amazing keyword tool for every blogger I must say. This is a free tool which brings the keywords for you which are so nearly related to a particular keyword. Not understood? ok, here is one example:

Suppose, you searched a keyword "online earning" now this tool will bring all the related keywords, means all the keywords which are related to online earning. If still, you have not understood then you can see below screenshot.

Best 20 Free Ahrefs Alternative Of 2019 -Free SEO Tools And Free SEO Powersuite 2019

Where Goes?

Where Goes is a very simple and free tool which help us to redirect our pages.

It is a very unique tool which troubleshoots the problem of the links and solves it immediately.
You just have to paste the URL to check that it is working correctly or not.

SEO Hero

SEO Hero is a very useful and free tool which gives you keyword accuracy with the related topics, which help you to choose a better keyword and topic for your post.

Basically, it works by choosing 100 targeted keywords which already ranked on Google. By that targeted keywords it chooses the top topics and gives you in result the topic which you are searching for.

This tool is very useful because it helps you to choose which topic and which keyword is more suitable for your content that you are writing in your blogger post or on your website.

Robot.txt Generator

Robots.txt is a file as well as a tool which is very and very important for your website because without this file your content will never rank on Google.

Why? Because of robot.txt allows the google bot to crawl the content of your website. it also allows the Google bot that which URL should be crawl and which URL should not.

By using this tool you can easily generate the robot.txt file of your website in just a few seconds.

And the more advanced bloggers or users can use this tool for the extra functions like to generate the robot.txt file manually.


HeadmasterSEO is the free tool which allows the users to check the code status of the URLs in a bulk. Means you can check a full list of URL here.

The most praisable feature of this tool is you can check a list of two URLs to 6 million URL's here.


Browseo is soo interesting tool that allows their users to see how their webpage or website looks like without any CSS or any kind of styling.

If I would say in simple words, this tool usually shows you how Google bots see your website, means how your website looks like in front of Google bots. When Google bots are reviewing your website at that time what they actually watching in your website, by using this tool you can easily get that, and if there is any problem then you can easily solve it at that time.

This tool also shows you how many pages and what are the posts are there in your website, and how they look like without any style.


Chrome DevTools is a tool which is given by chrome browser, basically, this tool helps you a lot by showing the debugging speed of your webpage.

If we say about SEO then this tool has endless uses.

Thank you for reading.

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