How To Create A Blog On Blogger- Step By Step Guide For Beginners In Just 5 Steps

How To Create A Blog

How To Create A Blog On Blogger- Step By Step Guide For Beginners In Just 5 Steps

Hello readers, so you want to create a blog right? Very good!
In my previous post, I have said about what is blogging, How to make money from blogging, And which blogging platforms are good for us. Well in this post I will tell you exactly how to create a blog in I am saying about blogger here because I personally think that creating a blog in blogger is quite easy for the beginners. You should start your blogging from blogger because it's totally free and very easy to use.
So, without any delay lets start.

Before going ahead let me tell you first the necessary things which we need to create a blog.
1) It will be better if you have a computer or laptop, otherwise, you can use your mobile phone also.
2) A Gmail account.
3) Internet connection (Obviously you have that!)
4) A domain name, if you want a custom domain then you can buy otherwise you can continue with
5) A template to give a beautiful design to your blog.

That's all guys, see it's very easy after doing this all your blog will be ready.
Yes, I know just creating a blog is not enough then we have to do lots of things, important settings and all. I will give you the links for that in this post, for the timing in this post we will learn just how to create a blog because as you know this article is just for the beginners. So, after creating a blog, you will be knowing all the things slowly, you must start your blogging at first because until you won't start you can't learn anything. So, basically in this post, we will learn to make just a simple blog, for the customizing and how to earn money from blogging you have to keep reading our blog's articles.

how to create a blog for free and make money step by step

Ok, so let's go to the first step!

Step-1) Go to
Just in front of you on your screen, you can see a button, written, "create a blog" just click on that, you will be redirected to a new page.

Step-2) Here you have to sign in with your Gmail account, If you don't have a Gmail account then simply click on create a blog it will tell you to create a Gmail account and be continue with that, once you'll be created your Gmail account you'll be redirected to a new page.

Step-3) Here you have to write your username, by what name you want to be called?
Now here you can write any name, after that click on "continue to blogger". You can see an orange button written as "create a new blog". Yeah, you are going good!  Click on that button and proceed.

Step-4) Now this is quite difficult par for a new blogger, don't be frustrated here just be calm and do that same what I am saying, ok?
Ok, here you will get a form type view, which you have to fill up!
First, You have to write your blog name, which is also called a blog title, now whatever you want to give a name to your blog you have to write here. You have written? next to your blog's URL, Hold on! now here you have to write here your blog's URL, here you have to give a URL to your blog, I must tell you that whatever you will write here as your blog's URL, one subdomain will be added with your blog's URL
Suppose you have written, "", so it will become "" don't worry we can change it later on!
ok, now here you might face a problem, the problem is not so big but you have to keep some patience!
When you will write your blog URL it will tell you "url already take, or it is not available" at that time you have to keep trying with another name, don't worry later we gonna change it.

Ok, once you will get your URL, click on the final step, which is choosing a template for your blog, you can see many templates over there which blogger provided in free, you can choose any one and click on create a blog.

Hurrah, You have created your blog, now you can give me a treat! Hehe, I am just kidding, You can see your blog by clicking on see your blog button. 
When you see your blog, I know you don't like the design, right?
So, do want to change it?
Ok, Now the last step, choosing a template for your blog.
Search on google, for free templates you will get a lot of free templates for your blog, download it.

Step 5) Once you have downloaded, it would be on zip format, extract it, once you have extracted find the "XML" file.
You got it? Fine
Now, come to your blogger dashboard, click on theme, after clicking on theme, on the right side click on "backup and restore" now select the "XML" file you have downloaded and upload it.
Once you have uploaded, refresh your blog site, now you can see the new design.

That's it for today, hope you have understood how to create a blog, it is very easy once you must try these steps. Once you have created your blog, and if you want to earn money from blogging then you have to do plenty of things, which is very easy as it was easy to create a blog. If you have any doubt, any confusion then comments below. If you want to contact me then go to contact us page there I have given all of my social media profiles.

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