Infinity Free Web Hosting For Free With CPanel- Wordpress Installation

Infinity Free Web Hosting For Free, With CPanel

Infinity Free Web Hosting For Free With CPanel

Are you looking for a free web hosting platform?
Then you are in right place, today we are going to talk about a totally free web hosting website which gives you free web hosting with c panel, where you can add 3 websites with unlimited bandwidth.

Why We Need A Web Hosting?

Basically, web hosting hosts our website for good performance. We need web hosting when we are creating professional and powerful websites. Some people use this web hosting on their blog also because having personal hosting is far better than the hosting provided by Blogger, or Wordpress.

Because when you are creating a blog on any blogger platform no matter with a custom domain or their free subdomain, they provide us their free web hosting service which means that we are no more the real owner of our website until we have our own self web hosting. They can do anything with our website until we do not have our own self-hosting.

We need self web hosting for some more reasons like, we can customize our website as we want because the hosting provided by Blogger and Wordpress are free web hostings that do not allow us to customize our website fully.

Web hosting is needed by our website because it allows us to customize the directories of our webpages. Even without web hosting, we cannot install Wordpress sites. And you know Wordpress is known as the best website for creating a powerful and professional website.

Why Infinity Free Web Hosting?

I have seen many free web hosting websites which provide web hosting with the c panel but as I experienced, they all have many problems. Infinity free is the website where I have not found any problem yet, and still, I am using it in free.

You can install Wordpress here, even you will get unlimited bandwidth. You also can upload different kinds of scripts here for wishing websites. It is the best web hosting platform for those who are new in this field and experiencing these things for the first time. Because infinity free is very easy to use.

The most important part is about why should we choose The Infinity Free Web Hosting is it is a free platform. You can search on Google the prices of hosting. Good hosting is always very expensive there are many websites who provide web hosting with different kind of their rates. So, that is why if you are a beginner then you have to go with a free tool first. So, this tool is the best option for you.

How To Sign Up For Infinity Free Web Hosting?

To sign up on Infinity Free web hosting you just need an email account, a username, and a strong password. To sign up to the Infinity free web hosting just follow the following steps-

  1. Search on Google "Infinity Free".
  2. Click on the first link, which is "".
  3. Click on sign up now, one new window will be open.
  4. Now write your email, password, and confirm your password.
  5. Now, you have to open your Gmail account to confirm your email.
  6. Now click on "verify email address".
  7. Once your email address will be verified you will be redirected to this page-
Infinity Free Web Hosting For Free With CPanel

8) On the left side corner, you can see written "New Account" Click on that.
9) One new window will be open, here you have to type your domain name. Now before adding your domain name here, you have to change the nameservers of your domain. To change the nameservers of your domain go to the management setting section of your domain, click on nameservers, after that click on add a custom nameserver. Now on the custom nameserver, you have to type "" in one box and "" in the second box.
Now, wait for the one hour, after one hour just refreshes the page and type your domain name in your hosting platform.
10) If you don't want to add a custom domain then you can also continue with the subdomain provided by infinity free in free.
11) After that, to activate your panel, you have to click on the control panel, one new window will be open where you have to click on "I Approve", cool! You will be redirected to your panel now.
12) After opening the panel, now you can customize your site according to your needs.

How To Install Wordpress On Infinity Free Web Hosting?

Its a very easy process to install Wordpress on Infinity Free Web Hosting. Once you have created the account on this platform after that you have to follow the following steps to install the Wordpress in your hosting. Even here I will tell you how you can set your domain also here.

  1. Open your control panel from the client area.
  2. Scroll down the cpanel page, on the software section you will find written "Softaculous App Installer" click on that. From here you can install different kind of software into your web hosting.
  3. After that a new window will be open, here you have to choose which software you want to install, if WordPress, then click on the install button on the Wordpress software.
  4. Now, again one new window will be open here if you want to edit something then you can edit, choose your WordPress theme and click on install.
  5. Greate! Now the Wordpress will be start installing in your web hosting. Wait untill it installed.
  6. Once it is installed, you can view your website, and customise it as you want.

My Opinion

My opinion for this tool is, yes! If you are new and you don't have any experience yet then you must use this tool before going to any paid one. Because of this, you will learn many things.

If you have any problem regarding this topic then comment below, I will answer you. And if you want to contact me then go to contact us page you'll get all my details there. Thanks for reading.

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