Online Earning- Fake Or Real? - Before Getting Started, Must Know The Truth Behind Online Earning

What Is Online Earning?

Online Earning- Fake Or Real?

Are you looking for a way to earn online money?
But you might be confused that there are thousands of ways to earn online money. But, are they a good way to earn? or are those ways are long term ways to earn online money?

Yes, it is true that there are thousands of ways to earn money online. But, it is not so easy as much the YouTubers (Fake Youtubers), Bloggers (Fake Bloggers) and any other fake person use to say on the internet. I am saying here FAKE to only those persons who are spreading fake information just to earn money or to gain traffic. They just don't care about the peoples who are watching their videos or who are reading their posts on the internet.

Online Earning- Fake Or Real?

Making money online is real as well as it is fake also. Yes, folks, now you would be wondering that is it possible?
How making money online is fake as well as it's true?

If I would say in simple words, making money online is true for those peoples who have a lot of patience and those are hardworking. It real for those peoples who enjoys doing their work no matter which field they have chosen. Whether it is Blogging, Youtube, Trading other anything else. Yes, there is a lot of money on the internet, you can earn even thousands of dollars in a month but you have to be hardworking and you have to keep doing your work. With the hardwork, you also have to be so creative, because in this field money depends on how much creative you are. The more you'll be creative, the more you'll earn money.

And of course, making money online is fake, and useless for those people who don't have any desire here. They only come here with earning motive. It is fake for those people who don't have patience and any confidence in their work.

I saw many peoples asking me that bro you are doing blogging how much you are earning?
After listening to my answer, they become so greedy and they also start joining all the online work which I use to do. They never asked me how much time I have given to learn all these things. They never asked me what I have experienced, how I have reached here. I already told you that they all are just greedy of money, they think that they can make instant money from the internet. Bro, if it would be easy then nobody in this world would be poor right?

Yes, What I have experienced, By that experience I could say that it takes time to earn online from the internet. If you have the desire, you have a talent which you want to explore to the world then come here, you are most welcome. How much people will like your thought that much you'll be rewarded by ads or any other methods.

Ways To Earn Money Online

In my view, there are mostly two ways to earn money online. The first is the Short term method and another is Long term method.

Short Term Method: The short term method of earning money online is earning a few amounts of money in a short period. Peoples are using this method when they don't want to make any carrier in online earning on the internet. We can call this as a part-time method of earning online money, which includes the cashback offers by some apps, referring offers, using short link websites, installing apps, doing surveys, etc.

This method will give you some amount of money instantly but they are not for permanent. They are just for those people who don't have time to work on the internet, and for those peoples who want instant money and already have some other jobs. This method doesn't have any carrier. You can search on Google about these methods there is nobody who becomes popular or rich using this method of online earning.

Long Term Method: The long term method of online earning is the method by which someone can make his carrier on the internet. By using this method someone can earn a good amount of money when he/she will be successful. It's like doing a job sitting at home, you have to so serious, you have to give your time you have to be so conscious about it.

The long term method of earning takes a little time and efforts to make money. But, once you'll get the right track, or your work will be going good, people will start visiting you, and your works will start running smoothly. At that time you can make a huge amount of money for a long time. I am saying this with my personal experience. You can also search on the internet, there are a lot of successful peoples who made their carrier using this Long Term Method of earning online.

There are several ways to earn in the long term, but what I personally recommend to choose is Blogging, Youtube, And Trading. These three are my best ways to do work with. Because I personally like doing these things. And I have seen many successful peoples in this field which motivates me a lot doing these.

Advantages Of Online Earning

There are a lot of advantages of earning money online, a few of the advantages which I personally experienced are as follows-
  1. You don't need any job, you can start your own online business here.
  2. You will be your own boss, there will be nobody to tell you to do work, or to give you order.
  3. You can earn more money than the peoples who are doing a job.
  4. You can spend quality time with your family.
  5. You don't have to go anywhere for work, you can do it just by sitting at home.
  6. Doing this you can make a carrier for your young ones or for your child. Because you can explore how much you can, it can be your family business.
  7. You will become popular, people will know you by your work, by your creativity.
  8. You can generate a huge fan base throughout the world.
  9. You will be always updated.
  10. You always get a chance to talk with the new people which make you more happy, and creative.

That's all, I will never get tired of saying its advantages.

Disadvantages Of Online Earning

I don't think there is any disadvantage of Online Earning, but there are some problems in this field-
  1. If you would make anyone mistake in front of your viewers, or readers you will lose them, and at once you can lose many of your fans even you have to do a lot of hard work again to recover it.
  2. Many times because of some failures you can be so frustrated, and its result in rudeness in your nature.
  3. Basically, online work is done by laptop or computer so it can affect your eyes.

My Opinion

My opinion is so simple if you have any kind of talent which you want to show to the world, then you start the long term method which I have explained above. But, not as a full time, at first, you start it as a part-time, give more time to learn, improve yourself, always try to experience the things, whichever you like. I am sure if you could do this thing then, of course, one day you'll be successful in this file. And that time you can do it as a full time, as your comfort.
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