Stock Trading Success Stories- Harshubh Shah, How He Become Millionaire With Capital Of Rs 5000 Only

Stock Trading Success Stories

Stock Trading Success Stories- Harshubh Shah

How to become a good trader?
How to earn money online?
What is the stock market?

Tiered of investing money everywhere and does not get good returns?
Many problems right? Well in this post I will be sharing with you the story of a man, who was the same as us, and he is. But, the stock market just changed his life, and his economic, financial condition. How?
It's not a magic guys, he has done a lot of hard work. Yes, it is true that he has started his investment with just rupees 5000, and now he is one of the very successful traders, he has one youtube channel also, where he used to teach and train to the newcomers. He uses to do seminars also where he use to talk about new intraday and options strategies, as well as long term strategies. And just because he is a good trader as well as a good person he has a huge fan base.

So, let's go ahead, and let's know about him, I must tell you one thing that this all information I have taken from his interview.

Hello readers, I am Taliv Ansari and today in this post we are going to discuss a stock trading story which belongs to Harshubh Mahesh Shah. In this post basically we will talk about his best strategies, how he become so successful, how has he started his carrier what is his qualification and lots of things about him. So, we can say his story is very motivational for the peoples who are suffering from unemployment and also for those who are looking for earning online. Because I think there are many peoples in the world who has talent, but they are not getting such a platform to show their talent. And because of that, they are always suffering from many kinds of economic problems.

So, let's go ahead step by step and let's try to understand what Harshubh sir has done, and how he is making money from the stock market.

What is the stock market?

If I say in so simple words, then the stock market is a place where we can buy or sell the stock/share of the companies. There are two parties called buyers and sellers, who use to buy and sell the share of the companies, they are also called as traders. Anyone can buy or sell the shares of the companies, If you or anyone wants to do trading in the stock market they have to join with a broker, where he/she have to make their demat account with their respective stockbrokers, and only through stockbrokers they can do trading.

The stock market is controlled by SEBI ( Stock exchange board of India) where all the companies and their all the data has been submitted. SEBI has two bodies called BSE and NSE, where all the stocks are being sold or purchased.

Who is Harshubh Mahesh Shah?

Harshubh Shah is a full-time nifty trader and technical strategies. He has started his carrier on stock market 10 years ago, and from that time he never looked back. He has already earned more than 80 times return from his initial capital which was only 5000, and this is definitely worth applauding. So sadly he is an engineering dropout student, which makes his Trading success story even more interesting. And because he has knowledge of engineering he has made his own business called Impulse Technical, where he has to put his own strategies in one software.

How he started his journey?

When he was dropped out from engineering college when he was very upset so one day his father took him to an Astrologer, that Astrologer advised him to make a carrier on the stock market, and he came back home and he searched for the stock market on the internet, after that he never look back. As he said in his interview that, its being 10 years of doing stock market and just 4 years ago he went to that astrologer and he thanked him by his true heart.

What problems he faced

Like any other beginners in the stock market, he also made a loss when he was started doing stock market trading. As he said in his interview that, he started his trading from 5000 rupees, which he lost in trading. After that again he started with 2000 rupees and started again investing in the stock, but one more time he lost that money. And as you know on 2006 7000 rupees was a big amount. So, he was very frustrated, he locked himself in his room for one year just for studying about the stock market, and when he came back, he starts recovering all his money slowly.

Advised given by him to the new traders

Always do your homework before the market begins, means you have to be ready always with your all strategies that in which stock you have to trade. As he says that we always have to do our works aftermarket, not during the market. Because if you have invested in some stock and you keep watching that it might lose your confidence, so never look on market up and downs.

So, only this much about Sir Harshubh, If you want to know about him or his market strategies then go to his youtube channel or just google his name.

So, if you also want to start trading on the share market, then comment below, I will surely bring a complete guide on the stock market, because I also use to do trading and I like to share knowledge with others.
So, this much only for today, comment below your suggestions, your feedback. Thanks for reading. Goodbye take care.
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