Top 700+ Low Competition Keywords With High CPC Updated 2019

Low Competition Keywords

Hello everyone once again, today in this post I am going to tell you about the top 700+ low competition and high CPC keywords to boost your earning. Every blogger or a content writer is always looking for this thing where they will get some good keywords to boost their earnings.

If you want to boost our earning then we obviously need a keyword which gives us a good CPC rate, so that whenever we'll get click on our ads, we can get a good amount of money isn't?

Top 700+ Low Competition Keywords And Long Tail Keywords With High CPC Updated 2019

But, the problem is if somehow, or by using some keyword research tools if we would be able to get such keywords, then those keywords have very high competitions, means yes! we got the keyword with high CPC, but that keyword has too many competitions means on the internet there are already lots of articles has been written. So, no matter how many peoples are searching every month or what is the search volume of that keyword, it will be very hard to rank your article on that particular keyword.

Why We Need Low Competition Keywords

To rank our articles in Google and to get good organic traffic from Google we need low competition keywords. Low competition keywords are those keywords which have huge search volume but very low competitions.

In simple words, the low competitions keywords are those keywords which have been searched by many peoples but on the internet, there are very few articles or posts are available. So, it will be easy for us to rank our article or our blog post on Google. Because until we won't bring the organic traffic our article won't rank on the first page of Google. That is why we need a low competition keyword.

Why We Need High CPC Keywords

Ok, so the questions arise here that we do we need a High CPC keyword and what is a high CPC keyword basically right?

High CPC basically pays us high rates, If you are one of the publishers of Google Adsense then you obviously know what is CPC, and how does it work. Basically, CPC means Click Per Cost means how much Google will pay you for one ad click. Sometimes it depends on country if someone is clicking from USA, UAE, UK then you will be paid high CPC, but when you are getting the clicks from the country's like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Shrilanka your CPC rates are quite low.

We need high CPC keywords to give a boost to our income. When someone will click on your high CPC ads you will be paid more by Google Adsense. Sometimes Google Adsense is paying more than $500 just for one click. So its a very big matter if you will be getting only 100 clicks. That's why we should use high CPC keywords in our blog post.

What Is Long Tail Keywords

Ok, so the next is Longtail keywords. To rank our articles on the first page of Google we need a Low competition keyword with high CPC, and we have to make that particular keyword as a long tail keyword. The long tail keyword is easily rank on Google search engine because its a part of attraction by the readers.

Now, how to make the long tail keywords?
Suppose your targeted keyword is "Online Money" so you can make it a long keyword by adding some more keywords or by adding just some attractive words like " How to earn online money best trick of 2019 must read". I know it was not soo good, but it was just an example you can add better than this.

Top Keyword Research Tools

The best way to find keywords is keyword research tools. Yes, we should use keyword research tools to get more idea about that particular keyword. Because writing only blog articles is not enough, we should do many types of research about that particular keyword before writing the post if you want to make money from blogging. If you doner wants to make money that it's ok, you do not need to do this all.

If you are looking for some free keyword research tools, then these articles may help you to find some best keyword research tools, because all of these tools are free.

Full List Of Top 700+ Low Competition Keywords With High CPC

You can search your keywords on those keyword research tools which I have explained on the above link. But apart from that here, I am giving you Top 700+ Low Competition Keywords And Long Tail Keywords With High CPC.

Now the main part for which you are reading this post, how you will get the full list of 700+ high CPC and low competition keywords.

Don't worry, I will give you the full list in free, I have collected all these keywords and made one pdf file, you just have to download that pdf in free.

But, to download this pdf file you have to go through shorten link, yes man! I have collected these keywords very hardly, so I also deserve some reward isn't?

So, be patience simply go through this shorten link, let the ad fully loaded and you will get the pdf file to download. Enjoy
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